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A forked message is a message that is transferred to one or more recipients.
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Local name server
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Exercise 4: Extending Volumes Using Disk Management
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Table 6-2
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User and Data Security
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public ValuesHandler(Hashtable configValues) { this.customValue = configValues; } public String GetValueFromKey(String key) { return this.customValue[key] as String; } }
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Lesson Review
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Record the total cost of the query. Record the total number of page reads for the query.
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Practice 4
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How large is the database The size of a database affects your backup strategy. For example, although you might be able to perform a full backup of a small database each night, a large database might require too many hours to complete a full nightly backup. To accommodate a large database, therefore, you might choose instead to perform a full backup of the database only once per week and perform differential back ups the rest of the week. Alternatively, if multiple filegroups for the database exist, you can perform a filegroup backup of a different filegroup each night. Even more importantly, database size also affects the time required to restore the database. Although you might have ample time to perform a full backup of a cer tain database once per week, for example, you might find that the associated time required to perform a full restore is too lengthy to meet business require ments. This need to shorten the restore process is another reason to consider backing up filegroups separately doing so enables you to perform a filegroup restore, which is naturally less time-consuming.
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Configuring Virtual Private Networking for Remote Sites
Permission Set FullTrust SkipVerification Execution Nothing LocalIntranet
How to Imperatively Demand CAS Permissions
Lesson 2
Use the FREETEXTTABLE Command to Rank Results
You can choose between several different zone types.
' VB TableLayoutPanel1.Controls.Add(aButton,3,3) // C# TableLayoutPanel1.Controls.Add(aButton,3,3);
A Review of Recovery Options . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13-2
Lesson 2: Configuring Exchange Server Roles
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