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Uniqueness Timeliness Consistency
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Working with Data in a Connected Environment
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In this practice, you establish the endpoints required for a database mirroring session. You configure endpoints for a principal, a witness, and a mirror to allow the creation of a database mirroring session using any operating mode.
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Practice 2 Practice 3 Configure the server to support BranchCache with WSUS. Configure local Group Policy on a computer running Windows 7 to support BranchCache distributed cache mode.
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Figure 5-33
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Remember that RIS requires an Active Directory environment so that RIS clients can locate RIS servers. Active Directory requires that DNS be used on a network; DNS is used to locate services in Active Directory. DHCP is also required for RIS because RIS clients must be able to contact a DHCP server to obtain an IP address so that they can communicate with other devices on the network.
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Table 20-2
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After you have gathered enough query statistics, you can run the Usage-Based Optimization Wizard to produce an aggregation design based on the actual queries sent to the server.
Implementing ISA Server Publishing
A node on a network that serves as an entrance to another network. In enterprises, the gateway is the computer that routes the traffic from a workstation. In homes, the gateway is the ISP that connects the user to the internet. A new type of television set with a very high quality image.
For more information about trace events, search for SQL Server Event Class Reference in Books Online or access
Lesson 4: Using DBCC CHECKDB
Using TCP/IP Troubleshooting Tools . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-28
When the junk e-mail filtering options are set too high, some legitimate e-mail might get sent to the Junk E-Mail folder. If a user reports that e-mail that should have arrived never did, and the sender verifies that the e-mail was sent, check the Junk E-Mail folder. If the missing e-mail is found, lower the Junk E-Mail settings, create a rule for safe recipients, or configure no automatic filtering in the Junk E-Mail options.
SQL Server does not need to have indexes on a table to retrieve data. A table can simply be scanned to find the piece of data that is requested, which works reason ably well. Unfortunately, users want to store massive amounts of data in a table and be able to retrieve data instantly. To allow data retrieval to occur very rapidly while also ensuring that performance does not decline as rows are added to a table, indexes are created. Indexes are not a new concept; we use them every day. If you look at the back of this book, you see an index in printed form. If you want to read about partitioning to review for your exam, you can find the information two different ways. You can open this book, start at page 1, and scan each page until you find the information you needed on partitioning. You also can open the index at the back of the book, locate partitioning, and then go to the corresponding page in the book. Either accomplishes your goal, but using the index is much more efficient. An index is useful only if it can provide a means to find data very quickly regardless of the volume of data that is stored. Take a look at the index at the back of this book. The index contains only a small sampling of the words in the book, so it provides a much more compact way to search for information. If the index were constructed
Configure access to resources on the perimeter network After you configure the network relationship, you can begin configuring access to servers or services on the perimeter network. If you configure a NAT relationship, you should use publishing rules to enable access. If you configure a route relationship, you can use either access rules or publishing rules for the same purpose. If you use access rules, external clients must be able to resolve the actual IP address of the servers on the perimeter network. If you use publishing rules, all client connections will use the external IP addresses for the front-end array. Configure access to resources on the back-end array Internal network In some cases, you may need to configure access to resources on the Internal network located behind the back-end array. In this case, the front-end ISA Server computers will forward the client requests to the back-end array s external IP address. To enable this, you need configure access or publishing rules that forward the client requests to the appropriate address for the back-end array. Configure SSL publishing for perimeter network servers You may also need to configure access to secure Web sites or other resources on the perimeter network. If you are using SSL to secure a Web site on the perimeter network, you can use the SSL Web publishing to publish the Web site and configure either SSL bridging or SSL tunneling. Just as when you publish secure Web sites in an Internet-edge firewall scenario or in a 3-Legged firewall scenario, you need to ensure that you install all the required server certificates and that the correct Web server names are used for the certificates. Configure SSL publishing for network servers located on the Internal network behind the back-end array You may also need to configure secure access to the resources on the back-end Internal network. In this scenario, you can deploy SSL in the following ways:
or they can be Windows credentials. If this option is selected, each user must have a unique user name and password set to access the data repository. One of the advantages of this model is that database administrators can track the specific users who are accessing particular information.
Table 6-2
In addition, you can check for attributes of a class in a similar fashion to the way you check for attributes of an assembly:
C. Correct: The password reset disk is created for local user accounts, and can be
Lesson Summary
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