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dtutil.exe /FILE c:\MyPackage.dtsx /COPY FILE;c:\MyCopiedPackage.dtsx
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The join is executed and the first query filter (the ON clause) is applied. The second query filter is applied. Grouping and aggregation calculations are performed. The third query filter (filtering of the results of aggregate functions) is applied. The fourth (and last) query filter is applied; this causes the query to return only the first X rows from the results thus far. (Note that in this case, the TOP clause is executed before the ORDER BY clause.) The results of each SELECT statement included in the query are concatenated; columns that should be returned by the query are selected. The results are sorted. The tabular result returned by the SELECT with UNION statement is converted to XML.
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Exercise 2: Disable and Re-enable Windows Firewall on Your Local Area Connection Only
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In organizations that do not have automatic proxy configuration configured, you can configure proxy settings for each protocol through the User Configuration\Windows Settings\Internet Explorer Maintenance\Connections\Proxy Settings policy. Figure 5-25 shows this policy.
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Lesson 3: Configuring DFS Replication of SYSVOL
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dard, a description of a single capability, property, or behavior that is held or supported by either the client or the service in a distributed message exchange.
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' VB ProgressBar1.Step = 10 // C# progressBar1.Step = 10;
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A computer running Windows Server 2003. The examples use the computer name Server01. It can be a member server or a domain controller. Backups that are cre ated during the exercises will complete more quickly if the computer is a member server. A second physical disk is required to perform the exercise that demonstrates Automated System Recovery. If you complete the Automated System Recovery exercise, all data on the disk con taining the system volume will be erased. Do not perform the Automated System Recovery if you want to maintain any data on that disk.
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Using a Static Discovery File
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Windows 7 workstations support a number of scripting languages. You can choose a language from among them or combine them in various ways. The scripting languages that Windows 7 supports by default are as follows:
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Server: computer1.domain1.local Address: Name: Address:
Use these key terms to understand better the concepts covered in this chapter.
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Lesson 1: Configuring Policies
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