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Lesson 3
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For more information about the Set-PublicFolder cmdlet and the full syntax of Set-PublicFolder commands, search for Set-PublicFolder in Exchange Server 2007 Help or access http://
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Table 1-3
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To complete the practice exercises in this chapter, you must have the following:
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Configuring the Report Server Catalog in a failover Cluster
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1. Create a new Windows application and name it AccessingRecordsets. Add a reference to the ADO objects: 2. From the Project menu, select Add Reference. 3. Select the COM tab. 4. Select Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.8 Library and click OK. 5. Add a DataGridView to the form. 6. Add a button to the form and set the following properties:
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Service Broker was introduced in SQL Server 2005 to provide a reliable, scalable, and asynchronous message queuing system for local or distributed applications. Service Broker solutions can range from a simple application existing in a single database to a complex application reaching across several remote SQL Server instances. This lesson provides you with an overview of the components you work with to create a Service Broker solution. You also learn how to configure a simple Service Broker application within a single SQL Server instance.
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Included Columns
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Develop with the Windows Ribbon, Part 2 311
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When this section exists, it presents requirements related to fault toler ance. For example, you might see a requirement stating that all databases must be able to withstand a single drive failure, that a server must include a hot standby, or that a specific database should include some means of failover support. This section presents information related to backup and restore oper ations. It might include, for example, an overview of the planned backup schedule for various databases or it might present a limit of how many restore operations are acceptable to recover a given database. (Note that information about existing as opposed to planned backup operations can be included in a similar section on the Existing Infrastructure page.)
Part. Scheme
Figure 6-1: Ipconfig command output The IPv4 address identifies the computer and the subnet that the computer is on. An IPv4 address must be unique within a network. Here the private address is unique within the internal network (the number 10 at the start of the address indicates that the address is private). If an IPv4 address is a public address on the Internet, it needs to be unique throughout the Internet. We look at public and private addresses later in this lesson.
Tracks when a transaction has requested a lock on a resource already locked by another transaction, resulting in a deadlock. Indicates that a finer-grained lock has been converted to a coarser-grained lock. Locking at a smaller granularity, such as rows, increases concurrency but has a higher overhead because more locks must be held if many rows are locked. Locking at a larger granularity, such as tables, decreases concurrency because locking an entire table restricts access to any part of the table by other transactions. Tracks when a lock is released.
Working with Images
A computer running Windows XP Professional can be a member of two types of networks: a workgroup or a domain. You can designate a computer running Windows Server 2003 as a domain controller. If all computers on the network are running Windows XP Professional, the only type of network available is a workgroup. Features of workgroups and domains include:
Lesson 1: Web Service Policy
dtutil /SQL srcPackage /COPY DTS;destPackage
Implementing ReadyBoost is a straightforward process, and only a very limited number of examination questions can be asked about it. However, ReadyBoost implementation could fail in a variety of ways, and you could be asked to identify suitable and unsuitable flash memory devices.
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