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Type of optical drive
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Managing and Maintaining Physical and Logical Devices
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In this lesson you will learn the fundamentals of ACLs and how to analyze and configure them from within your application.
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Lessons in this chapter:
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Designing Transactions and Transaction Isolation
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D. Incorrect: The Transfer event marks the propagation of an activity across a service boundary. It doesn t prevent the activity from being used. In fact, it is intended that the same activity will be used in the traces, the opposite of what the question requires.
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Traverse Folder allows or denies moving through folders to access other files or folders, even when the user has no permissions for the traversed folder. Execute File allows or denies running executable files (application files).
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Ian McLean Because replication is relatively straightforward to configure, a tendency exists to use it for almost all data transfers and for disaster recovery. Suppose, for example, you are replicating a database between two servers with a replication latency measured in minutes and you back up the database every night and the transaction logs every two hours. If the database on one of the servers becomes corrupt but the second server is unaffected, the fastest and easiest way to recover probably is to back up the database on the second server and restore it to the first. However, replication uses resources and is not typically the best disaster recovery solution. You should use replication to synchronize changes to remote databases with a central database, to create multiple instances of a database and distribute the workload, to distribute data that updates on a regular basis from a central location to other servers, and to customize data and distribute it to other Subscribers and sometimes as part of a failover strategy. When I first came across database mirroring, it was disabled by default, and Microsoft advised users to enable it only for validation on test networks. I validated database mirroring on my own test network and decided that if I needed to provide fault tolerance for a database and ensure that client computers can connect to the database even if the SQL Server 2005 computer experiences a complete hardware failure with minimal administrative effort and disruption to the user, I would mirror the database on a second computer just as soon as Microsoft told me it was OK to do so. So when SP1 was released, I installed the service pack on my test network, checked it out, checked that database mirroring still worked OK, and then installed SP1 and implemented database mirroring on a production network. I suppose one moral of this story is that test networks are invaluable. However, the main point is that replication has its place, as has clustering, backup and restore, log shipping, and database mirroring. I discuss the use of replication with database mirroring later in this chapter. Each tool has its specific purpose, though these tools might overlap. No one tool fits all.
After this lesson, you will be able to
Installing and Configuring Virus Scanning Software
Figure 9-18: Certificates Console (Certmgr.msc) EFS keys can also be backed up from the command line using the Cipher.exe command-line utility. When you back up your key, you are provided with a warning on the desktop that this is about to take place and are asked to provide a password to protect the exported key. The command to back up an EFS certificate is: Cipher.exe /x filename.pfx EXAM TIP Remember what tasks you can complete with Credential Manager.
Specify site boundaries based on the physical network structure. Identify how sites are linked.
Although you can have your applications prevent the system from transitioning to a lowpower state, it is a behavior we strongly advise you to avoid, unless there will be significant data loss if the transition occurs or the user experience demands that the transition does not occur. Some legitimate examples include downloading a file from the Internet, recording a TV show, burning a DVD, and displaying a presentation slideshow. The old API for interfering with power transitions was SetThreadExecutionState, which was replaced in Windows 7 by detailed power availability APIs. The purpose of the new APIs is to provide the user with a detailed report of what application is blocking the power transition and why. For example, when I attempt to shut down the computer in my living room, Windows notifies me that the Media Center application is currently recording (or is scheduled to record) a TV show and will not be able to complete this task if the system shuts down. This gives the user more control and understanding over why the system is not transitioning to a low-power state.
See Also Table 3-2 lists the most common optional services that you may need to enable. For a complete list of all the services that may be required, and a description of the specific situations when you may require the services, see the Security Hardening Guide, located at
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The following questions are intended to reinforce key information presented in this lesson. If you are unable to answer a question, review the lesson materials and try the question again. You can find answers to the questions in the Questions and Answers section at the end of this chapter. 1. A Windows 2003 Server is configured as a print server. In the middle of the workday, the printer fuse fails and must be replaced. Users have already submitted jobs to the printer, which uses IP address An identical printer uses address and is supported by other logical printers on the server. What actions should you take so that users jobs can be printed without resubmission a. In the failed printer s Properties dialog box, select Enable Printer Pooling. b. At the command prompt, type Net Stop Spooler. c. At the command prompt, type Net Start Spooler. d. In the failed printer s Properties dialog box, select the port e. In the failed printer s Properties dialog box, click Add Port. f. In the Printers And Faxes folder, right-click the failed printer and choose Use Offline. 2. You re setting up printing on a computer running Windows Server 2003. You attach a printer, configure a logical printer, and submit documents for printing, but the documents do not print completely and sometimes come out garbled. What is the most likely cause of the problem a. There s insufficient hard disk space for spooling. b. You re using an incorrect printer driver. c. The selected port is not correct. d. The device settings for the printer are using an incorrect font substitution.
message.AttachSenderId = False
static IAsyncResult firstNameResult;
Key Terms
2. You have configured your computer running Windows Server 2003 to audit all failed object access, and all files and folders have auditing configured for List Folder/Read Data Failure. All other Event Viewer and Security log settings are at their default configurations. What will happen when the number of entries in the Security log reaches 512 KB
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