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The Process of Performing Test-First Unit Testing
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// Signing Step 3: Create an instance of the SignedXml class,
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Estimated lesson time: 90 minutes
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5. Below the TcpClientChannel instance, type the following code to register the channel:
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2. You are the network administrator for your organization. Users report that they are unable to use the Internet and are receiving a DNS error message. You investigate and discover that the DNS server used to resolve Internet names has failed. What proactive measure could you have taken to ensure that you were aware of the DNS server failure as soon as possible
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Specifying the programs that child1 can run
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Change Algorithm Parameters
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The StringDictionary is a strongly typed version of the dictionary collections shown in Lesson 3. This means that you can use it just like a Hashtable, except that both the keys and values must be strings:
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What messages are not listed A. Messages with an SCL of 6 B. Messages with an SCL of 6 or greater C. Messages with an SCL less than 6 D. Messages with an SCL greater than 6
No matter how many COM clients consume a given managed object, the .NET runtime will create only one CCW.
The calling router in your branch office cannot connect to the answering router in your main office. The routers have connected previously and data has been sent and received successfully over the VPN connection. No changes have been made to tunnel type, encryption method, authentication method, or encryption strength. No machine certificates have been revoked. No changes have been made to access policies. WAN and LAN routing has not been disabled. The Routing And Remote Access service is started. No hardware failures have been detected in either router, or in the connection between them. Both routers are running Windows Server 2003. Which of the following could be caus ing the problem (Choose all that apply.) A. The user account of the calling router has been locked out, has expired, or is dis abled. B. No port is available. C. The answering router is interpreting the calling router as a remote access client. D. The connection attempt was made outside the calling router account s logon hours.
To see isolated storage in the file system, you must change folder settings to show hidden files and folders.
Creating and Managing System Images
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Lesson Summary
Quarantine Remove Always Allow
t.Namespace); t.FullName); t.IsValueType); t.IsSealed); t.IsAbstract); t.IsPublic); t.IsClass);
To further practice and reinforce the skills you learned in this chapter, you can per form the following tasks:
Restoring to a restore point affects the Windows Registry and certain system and application files. The restoration does not affect user-created documents and data. Restoring to a restore point provides a safe means to reset the Windows configuration to an earlier time.
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' VB Class MapRequestInfo Public invokedDelegate As GetMapDelegate
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