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' VB Dim itemToSerialize as New Contact() Dim formatter as New BinaryFormatter() Dim stream as New FileStream("configfile.dat", FileMode.OpenOrCreate) serializer.Serialize(stream, itemToSerialize) stream.Close() // C# Contact itemToSerialize = new Contact(); BinaryFormatter formatter = new BinaryFormatter(); Stream stream = new FileStream("configfile.dat", FileMode.OpenOrCreate); formatter.Serialize( stream, itemToSerialize ); stream.Close();
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' VB Console.WriteLine(emailLookup[""]) // C# Console.WriteLine(emailLookup[""]);
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Note the cost of the update from the graphical execution plan. 5. Type and execute the following DDL statement to add the column that will store the total sales for each customer:
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Delete Catalog Right-click a backup set and choose Delete Catalog if you have lost or damaged the backup media or if you are transferring files to another system and no longer require its local catalog. The on-media catalog is not affected by this command. Catalog A tape from a foreign system that is not cataloged on the local machine will appear in the import media pool. Right-click the media and choose the Catalog command. Windows will generate a local catalog from the tape or file. This does not create or modify the on-media catalog.
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3. After importing the custom template to a computer and restarting the computer, how could you verify that the appropriate settings were made
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Execution Context
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In this exercise, you use a recursive CTE to expand the bill of materials for a component within the AdventureWorks database.
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3. The size of each log can be from ____ KB to ____ GB, and the default size is ____ KB.
Description Users can perform any action on the file or folder, including creating and deleting it, and modifying its permissions. Users can read, edit, and delete files and folders. Users can view files and run applications. Users can browse a folder. Users can view a file or the contents of a folder. If an executable file has Read permission but not Read & Execute permission, the user cannot start the executable.
Configure the computer name Join the computer to a domain or workgroup
IDataObject data = Clipboard.GetDataObject();
1. Correct Answer: B A. Incorrect: By default, Windows Defender real-time protection does not notify you about software that has not yet been classified for risks. You need to configure this setting under Real-Time Protection Options in the Options dialog box. B. Correct: You need to select this check box to configure real-time protection to notify you about software that has not yet been classified for risks. C. Incorrect: You do not need to perform a custom scan to obtain Windows Defender real-time protection. The check box you need to select is in the Options dialog box, not the Scan Options dialog box. D. Incorrect: You want to configure Windows Defender real-time protection to notify you about software that has not yet been classified for risks. Although it is possible to use Software Explorer to list all the executable files on a computer so you can manually list the unclassified ones, this is not what the question requires. 2. Correct Answers: A, B, D, and F A. Correct: The Startup Programs category contains programs that run automatically with or without the user s knowledge when Windows starts. B. Correct: The Currently Running Programs category contains programs that are currently running on the screen or in the background. C. Incorrect: Auto Start is an attribute of a program that Software Explorer lists. It indicates whether the program is registered to start automatically when Windows starts. Although this is similar to the Startup Programs category information, Auto Start is a program attribute, not a category. D. Correct: The Network-Connected Programs category contains programs or processes that can connect to the Internet or to a home or office network. E. Incorrect: When Software Explorer lists the attributes of a program, it indicates whether the program ships with the operating system. This is a program attribute, not a category. F. Correct: The Windows Sockets (Winsock) Service Providers category contains programs that perform low-level networking and communication services for Windows and programs that run on Windows. 3. Correct Answer: A A. Correct: You cannot select a default action for software items with a severe alert rating because Windows Defender automatically removes the item or alerts you to remove it.
Allows Error Reporting For Services And Applications Running In Non-Standard Environments.
Create the high-level design of a component.
// Draw the pie shape g.DrawPie(p, rect, startAngle, sweepAngle); // Calculate the angle for the next pie shape by adding // the current shape's degrees to the previous total. startAngle += sweepAngle; }
You receive a call from a user who reports that his computer seems to run more slowly than it used to. Upon further questioning, you suspect that the problem may not be hardware-based, but that the user probably needs to optimize the performance of his hard disk. What three actions would you suggest to the user for optimizing his hard disk before resorting to using the Performance tool to measure the computer s perfor mance
Objective 1.1: Configure TCP/IP Addressing on a Server Computer 13-13
Understanding the Infrastructure Prerequisites
Serviced Component Management
Lesson 1: Creating a Database Snapshot. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 603 Lesson 2: Reverting a Database from a Database Snapshot . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 609
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