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Draw Code 3/9 in .NET Lesson 2: Configuring Dynamic Security for Internet Explorer 7+

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Lesson 2: Implementation Practices
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WDS does not provide tools for creating customized reference computer installations; for this, you must use MDT 2010 and/or Windows 7 AIK. However, you can use WDS as an alternative to the ImageX.exe utility to capture an image of a reference computer. With the files in the Boot.wim image from a Windows 7 disk or the WinPE.wim boot image from Windows 7 AIK, you can use WDS to create a capture image. A capture image is a bootable image that launches the Windows Deployment Services Image Capture Wizard on the reference computer. Using the wizard, you can select the volume you want to capture and automatically upload the install image back to the WDS server.
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User Access Control: Behavior Of The Elevation Prompt For Standard Users set to Automatically Deny Elevation Requests. This setting results in a standard user receiving an access denied error message when he or she tries to perform an operation that requires elevation of privilege.
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figure 7-32 Paste the script you created into the Command box.
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You are an administrator working for a company named Contoso, Ltd., a developer of custom networking applications based in Houston. Greta, a user in the Sales department, has contacted you for help in setting up a demonstration of one of the company s applications at a seminar in a hotel in Las Vegas. The hotel has provided a conference room with broadband Internet access via an Ethernet cable, but your staff must configure their own network when they get there. The company is sending five notebook computers running Windows XP Professional. Each computer has a built-in Ethernet network adapter and a built-in wireless network adapter, but none has been configured for networking. All five of the computers will be used in demonstrations and must be networked together. In addition, all the computers will need access to the Internet. Because all the computers are running Windows XP Professional, you have configured each computer so that it is a member of a workgroup named Contoso.
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Lesson 1: Implementing Group Policy
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Real World
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Message Tracking and Mailbox Health
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WINS Components . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7-7
defines the extensions that enable you to search for files, computers, and printers. The subkey WabFind defines the extensions that enable you to search address books. Last, the subkey WebSearch defines the extensions that enable you to search the Internet.
Key Terms
Lesson 3: Establishing Endpoints
Designing SQL Server Endpoints
At times, it is necessary to import messages from another computer. If you have not performed a full migration using Windows Easy Transfer, you might need to use Windows Mail s Import and Export functions. Windows Mail can import messages from the following applications:
Moving a Package by Using DTUTIL
Tool Strips, Menus, and Events
Designing a Cursor and Caching Strategy
Lesson 1 Practice: Exercise 1
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