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Lesson 3: Maximizing Security for Remoting
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Exercise 2: Deploy the Service Pack with Group Policy
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The default share permission in Windows Server 2003 is Everyone: Allow Read. Share permissions define the maximum effective permissions for files and folders in the share. The share permissions restrict the NTFS full control permission. To correct the problem, you would need to modify the share permissions to allow, at a minimum, the Project Managers group Change permission.
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HRESULT InvalidateUICommand(UINT32 commandId, UI_INVALIDATIONS flags, const PROPERTYKEY *key );
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Lesson 1: Configuring the Antivirus and Anti-Spam System code 128 barcode generator
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IP: ....0... = Normal Throughput
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A. Incorrect: The System Configuration utility (Msconfig.exe) automates the routine
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The foreign status is set when a dynamic disk from another computer is installed in a new computer. To resolve this, right-click the disk and select Import Foreign Disk. This status is displayed when a dynamic disk is corrupted or disconnected. After the disk is repaired or reconnected, right-click the missing disk and choose Reactivate Disk.
Lessons in this chapter:
NorthwindDataset.CustomersRow NewRow =
The following code creates a message type named [//]:
In the following case scenarios, you will apply what you ve learned about the developer s responsibilities for creating tests. You can find answers to these questions in the Answers section at the end of this book.
Implementing Data-Bound Controls
Installing Exchange Server and Configuring Server Roles
The tests you write in this lab go beyond the standard tests you should write for each class and method in your application. You still need to write those. However, this lab assumes that those tests have been written and that you are now reviewing the test case for additional input into your unit tests.
All Exchange Server 2003 servers in the forest have Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack (SP) 2 or higher applied. All Exchange 2000 Servers in the forest have Exchange 2000 Server SP3 and the SP3 update rollup (KB870540) installed.
Lab: Using Synchronization Contexts
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