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Lesson 4: Minimizing Cross-Site Scripting
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Description This attribute defines the type of credentials that will be included in the transport-layer authentication. The possible values for this attribute are Basic, Certificate, Digest, None, Ntlm, and Windows. This attribute defines the type of credentials that will be used to authorize the request with any proxy server to be used. The possible values for this attribute are: Basic, Digest, None, Ntlm, and Windows. This attribute defines the realm to be used by the authentication if the credentials are Basic or Digest.
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Correct Answers: B and C A. Incorrect: Because the system is not a member of the domain, you will be unable to log on through the Local Computer Management Console to perform administrative tasks on this server. B. Correct: The HTML Remote Administration Tools can be used to rename a server as well as to join it to a domain. Certain servers, such as certificate servers, cannot be renamed. C. Correct: Terminal Services Remote Administration mode can be used to change the name of a stand-alone member server.
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A site link bridge connects two or more site links in a way that creates a transitive link. Site link bridges are necessary only when you have cleared the Bridge All Site Links option for the transport protocol. Remember that site link transitivity is enabled by default, in which case site link bridges have no effect. Figure 11-14 illustrates the use of a site link bridge in a forest in which site link transitivity has been disabled. By creating a site link bridge, AMS-HQ-SEA, that includes the HQ-AMS and HQ-SEA site links, those two site links become transitive, so a replication connection can be made between a domain controller in Amsterdam and a domain controller in Seattle.
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Lesson 1, Practice 2, Exercise 1 generate data matrix barcode
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Locating the Answers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2-9
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Real World Account Creation
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startup and logon scripts, a CSE installs software, and a CSE makes changes to registry keys and values. Each version of Windows has added CSEs to extend the functional reach of Group Policy. Several dozen CSEs are now in Windows Server 2008. One of the more important concepts to remember about Group Policy is that it is really client driven. The Group Policy client pulls the GPOs from the domain, triggering the CSEs to apply settings locally. Group Policy is not a push technology. The behavior of CSEs can be configured using Group Policy, in fact. Most CSEs will apply settings in a GPO only if that GPO has changed. This behavior improves overall policy processing by eliminating redundant applications of the same settings. Most policies are applied in such a way that standard users cannot change the setting on their system they will always be subject to the configuration enforced by Group Policy. However, some settings can be changed by standard users, and many can be changed if a user is an Administrator on that system. If users in your environment are administrators on their computers, consider configuring CSEs to reapply policy settings even if the GPO has not changed. That way, if an administrative user changes a configuration so that it is no longer compliant with policy, the configuration will be reset to its compliant state at the next Group Policy refresh.
' VB Dim ts As New TraceSource("DemoTraceSource") Dim firstActivityId As Guid = Guid.NewGuid() Trace.CorrelationManager.ActivityId = firstActivityId ts.TraceEvent(TraceEventType.Start, 0, "Start Activity") ' processing code Dim newActivityId As Guid = Guid.NewGuid() ts.TraceTransfer(0, "Transferring ", newActivityId) Trace.CorrelationManager.ActivityId = newActivityId ts.TraceEvent(TraceEventType.Start, 0, "Get Header") ' more processing code ts.TraceEvent(TraceEventType.Information, 0, "Stuff happened") ' more processing code ts.TraceTransfer(666, "Transferring...", firstActivityId) ts.TraceEvent(TraceEventType.Stop, 0, "Get Header") Trace.CorrelationManager.ActivityId = firstActivityId // C# TraceSource ts = new TraceSource("ClientCalculatorTraceSource"); Guid firstActivityId = Guid.NewGuid(); Trace.CorrelationManager.ActivityId = firstActivityId;
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Controls are visual components that contain functionality designed to enable common tasks. You can add controls to the designer by dragging them from the Toolbox. The Visual Studio IDE contains several mechanisms for managing the layout of controls on your form, including:
You use the DBCC CHECKDB statement to validate database integrity. The DBCC CHECKDB statement executes DBCC CHECKALLOC, DBCC CHECKTABLE, and DBCC CHECKCATALOG statements, making individual execution of these statements unnecessary. Although the DBCC CHECKDB statement has options to repair issues found during its execution, it is recommended that DBAs attempt to restore the database from valid backup sets before attempting to use DBCC CHECKDB to repair integrity issues.
helpProvider1.SetHelpKeyword(button1, "button1");
A baseline is a measurement derived from collecting data over an extended period of time that represents resource usage under normal conditions. A bottleneck is any component that slows down the performance of the entire system.
built-in function Built-in function expressions use built-in report functions to configure the property. In addition to the control flow functions, SSRS includes Text, Date & Time, Math, Inspection, Program Flow, Aggregate, Financial, Conversion, and Miscellaneous functions to help you create expressions. The following table lists some examples of built-in-functions.
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Practice: Using Remote Assistance through Windows Messenger
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