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By now, you should have a solid understanding of how to manage galleries. Managing galleries is one of the more complicated and powerful abilities of the Ribbon framework. There is more to learn about galleries, such as getting notification callbacks and manipulating other gallery controls. The Windows 7 SDK contains a very good gallery sample. (See the following screen shot.) On my machine, it installed at C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.0\Samples\winui\WindowsRibbon\Gallery. This sample shows many aspects of programming the gallery. For example, the sample defines a common CPropertySet class that implements the IUISimplePropertySet interface to support all property keys.
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Once you have defined the site boundaries for a network, the next step in creating a site plan is to determine the number and placement of domain controllers in those sites. You must also determine whether each domain controller meets the hardware requirements for running Windows Server 2003 and for meeting the demands placed on it. This lesson covers how to assess the need for domain controllers in a site, whether domain controllers should play any additional roles, and how to determine the capacity required by each domain controller.
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You can use the OPENROWSET function in any standard SQL statement as a table reference, thus enabling you to use data from any valid OLE DB data source in a query without first having to load it into a table. The syntax of the function is the following:
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Which of the following Internet Explorer features would you use if a parent wanted to
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4. Tablet PC
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// C# ConnectionOptions DemoOptions = new ConnectionOptions(); DemoOptions.Username = "\\Bill"; DemoOptions.Password = "mp99!!swa0"; ManagementScope DemoScope = new ManagementScope("\\machinename", DemoOptions); ObjectQuery DemoQuery = new ObjectQuery("SELECT Size, Name FROM Win32_LogicalDisk where DriveType=3"); ManagementObjectSearcher DemoSearcher = new ManagementObjectSearcher(DemoScope, DemoQuery); ManagementObjectCollection AllObjects = DemoSearcher.Get(); foreach (ManagementObject DemoObject in AllObjects) { Console.WriteLine("Resource Name: " + DemoObject["Name"].ToString()); Console.WriteLine("Resource Size: " + DemoObject["Size"].ToString()); }
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Decompose Specifications for Developers
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Correct Answers: D A. Incorrect: She cannot set compatibility options in a program on the CD. Also, she needs to configure compatibility for the program that is to be installed, not for the setup program itself. B. Incorrect: Starting the installation from the Command Prompt would not be any different than starting the installation from Microsoft Windows Explorer. C. Incorrect: Although these settings occasionally help older, graphically-based programs to run, they do not make a difference in letting a setup program recog nize the CD-ROM drive. D. Correct: The Program Compatibility Wizard lets the user specify the program on the CD and test various compatibility settings. code 39 barcode
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Recovering from System Failure
Configuring the SecureNAT and Web Proxy Clients
InheritanceDemand Instructs the runtime to throw an exception if the assembly
Lesson Summary
You can use the Exchange Management Shell cmdlet New-MailContact to create a mail contact, for example, New-MailContact -Name "Michael Allen" -ExternalEmail-Address -OrganizationalUnit Users. Mail contacts do not have user accounts in Active Directory, so you do not need to specify a password. You can use Exchange Management Shell to remove, disable, or enable a mail contact. For example, Remove-MailContact "Jeff Hay" would remove that contact. If you wanted to restore the contact, you would need to either recover it or re-create it from scratch. Disable-MailContact "Michael Allen" would disable the mail contact Michael Allan, but you could reenable it if you want to. Both the remove and disable functions require that you confirm that you want to carry out the operation. The default is Y for yes. If you have disabled but not removed a mail contact, you can enable it by using the Enable-MailContact cmdlet. You need to specify the contact s external e-mail add-ress, for example, Enable-MailContact "Michael Allen" ExternalEmailAddress m.allen@ You can also use Exchange Management Shell to configure a mail contact s properties, for example, Set-MailContact "Michael Allen" MaxReceiveSize 1000.
Class System.Data.Odbc.OdbcPermission System.Data.OleDb.OleDbPermission System.Data.SqlClient.SqlClientPermission
Lesson 2: Configuring the Global Catalog and Application Directory Partitions
Designing a Remote Access Strategy
Figure 13 1: Using disk imaging, you deploy the contents of a sample computer's hard disk to many other computers' hard disks. It's an effective way to deploy many desktops. After you deploy the disk image to users' computers and they turn them on, Mini Setup Wizard starts. First the wizard detects the computers' Plug and Play devices. Then the wizard prompts users to accept the license agreement, type their name and organization, join a domain or workgroup, specify regional options, configure TAPI, and choose the networking protocols and services to install. The wizard can skip some or all of these settings if you configure them in Sysprep.inf. Last, Mini Setup Wizard removes %SYSTEMDRIVE% \Sysprep and restarts the computer. The whole process takes less than five minutes. Before we move on to actual techniques, I'm going to introduce you to the tools necessary for doing the job. You'll find everything you need for preparing disk images on Windows XP's CD. The following sections describe these tools, their limitations, and a list of third party disk imaging suites to evaluate. (Third party tools are necessary to duplicate disk images after you prepare them.)
Testing Images
Correct Answers: B
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