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Exam objectives in this chapter:
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The following list defines some Windows XP Professional printing terms: Logical printer The logical printer is the software configuration that is created in Windows XP and is represented by an icon in the Printers And Faxes window. It controls the printer s configuration and the way in which Windows sends documents to the printer. Printer The printer is a hardware device that puts text or images on paper or on other print media. You will encounter two types of printers:
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Public Shared Sub requestWebPage()
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B. Correct: This is the correct order. Serial ports have a maximum speed of
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Resource Records
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One of the biggest challenges database developers face is how to optimize their indexes to obtain the most efficient query response. When developing indexes for database applications, the following guidelines should be considered:
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Description Modifies the bindings to include additional properties and objects required to support the contract behavior. Modifies or extends the client runtime across some or all the messages being sent to the service. The method is called once for each endpoint that implements a particular interface, so it s possible to change the injected behavior at the endpoint level as well. The service-side version of ApplyClientBehavior. It extends or modifies the service runtime across all or some of the received messages. As with ApplyClientBehavior, it is invoked once per endpoint. Confirms that the contract and endpoint can support the contract behavior implemented in the object.
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Lesson 4: Securing and Processing Data Mining Models
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C. Integrated Security = True D. Trusted_Connection = Yes 2. If you must use a user name and password to connect to a database, where should you store the sensitive information A. Compiled in the application B. In an encrypted application configuration file C. In a resource file deployed with the application D. In the registry 3. What is the recommended method for securing sensitive connection string information A. Encrypting the data in the application configuration file B. Using a code obfuscator C. Using integrated security (Windows Authentication) D. Querying the user for his or her credentials at run time
Lesson 1 Review
To perform the unattended installation, create or modify the Msisaund.ini file and then configure the ISA Server installation process to use this file when completing the setup.
but each application that calls a class assembly must store a separate copy of the assembly. If the developer releases an update to the assembly, administrators must seek out and replace every copy of the assembly. Adding a shared assembly to the GAC makes it easier for systems administrators to manage shared assemblies, because the GAC stores a single copy of the shared class assembly that can be accessed by any assembly that references the class using the assembly s strong name.
Off the Record
You were recently hired as part of a systems administration team at a medium-sized company. Your manager has asked you to install Windows XP Professional on 25 identical new desktop computers for the Accounts Receivable department in your firm. To date, your colleagues have been manually installing Windows XP Professional and the suite of applications on each computer as they arrive, carefully following written stepby-step instructions. The process has been tedious and slow, and users have had problems with new computers because of configuration errors caused by human error during the installation process. You want to deploy the computers as efficiently as possible with all the desktop applications that are required by the staff in Accounts Receivable installed and configured. You also want to ensure that all 25 computers are configured consistently. You propose to do the following:
Database Mirroring Database Mirroring role Database Mirroring session database partners endpoint High Availability operating mode High Performance operating mode High Protection operating mode mirror
Before You Begin
' VB Dim myBrush As New SolidBrush(Color.PapayaWhip)
row = NwDataDocument.GetRowFromElement(CType(xmlNode, Xml.XmlElement)) If row IsNot Nothing Then
Objective 1.2 Configure and Troubleshoot Internet Explorer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13-14
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