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new GetFirstNameDelegate(person.FirstName);
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For each demand-dial VPN interface, you must configure a set of dial-out credentials including a user name, password, and domain; by default, the user name corresponds to the name of the demand-dial interface itself. However, this user name must also match the name of the demand-dial interface configured on the answering VPN server. To sim plify configuration, you can assign opposing demand-dial interfaces the same name. Figure 10-30 illustrates this scenario, in which both interfaces are given the name Buf_Syr, which is then used for dial-out credentials. Both VPN servers are members of a single domain named Domain1, and both subnets have local domain controllers. For connectivity to be authorized, a user account named Buf_Syr must already exist in the domain. Remote access policies must also authorize the connection. In this example, the policy grants permission to VPN-type connections originating from user accounts in a global group named VPN-Routers. Because the user account Buf_Syr is a member of this global group, router-to-router VPN connections are authorized by the policy at both locations. Finally, to allow full extranet connectivity, static routes must be deployed on each VPN server. The function of these static routes is to direct traffic destined for the opposite private network through the VPN demand-dial interface. These static routes are used for return traffic in addition to requests, so they must be configured on both servers even if all remote requests originate from the same network.
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12. Do you think that your CPU could be slowing down the performance on your computer
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B. Use the Backup Utility to restore the files that comprise the Web sites from the net-
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You need to determine the total number of telephone lines, modems, and adapters needed to support the maximum number of remote client connections.
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You can use extended desktop mode with a meeting room projector to give your presentation a more polished look. This mode gives you tighter control of what the audience gets to see, as well as the ability to perform other actions on your computer, such as take notes.
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Windows 2000 Professional
PTR Resource Records The pointer (PTR) resource record is used only in reverse lookup zones to support reverse lookups, which perform queries to resolve IP addresses to host names or FQDNs. Reverse lookups are performed in zones rooted in the in-addr.arpa domain. PTR resource records are added to zones by the same manual and automatic methods used to add A resource records. Once created in the DNS console, a PTR resource record that maps the IP address to the host name server1.lucernepublishing.com would be represented tex tually within a zone file as follows:
A network access client can be any computer running any of the Microsoft Windows operating systems, such as Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, and so forth, or any other remote access client computers that are capable of running Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), such as Linux, Macintosh, or NetWare. The remote access client simply runs remote access software and connects to the remote access server. There are three network access cli ent types:
Generating RSoP Reports with the Group Policy Results Wizard
UAC increases parental control
2. Create a new folder called SharedCal. 3. Right-click the SharedCal folder, and click Properties. Click the Sharing tab. 4. Click Share. Click Share a second time. 5. Click Continue to close the User Account Control dialog box. 6. Make a note of the name of the shared folder. It will be similar to \\620-VISTA\SharedCal. 7. Click Done. Click Close to close the SharedCal Properties dialog box. 8. Click Start, All Programs, and then Windows Calendar. 9. Right-click in the Calendars area, and then click New Calendar. Enter the name My_Public_Calendar. 10. Click Today. Add three appointments at any time for your dentist, doctor, and lawyer. Ensure that they are for My_Public_Calendar and not the default calendar, which will have the user name with which you logged on to Windows Vista. 11. Right-click My_Public_Calendar, and then click Publish. 12. In the Location To Publish Calendar text box, enter the location you determined in step 6. 13. Select the Automatically Publish Changes Made To This Calendar check box, and then click Publish. Click Finish. 14. Verify that the Details pane of the Calendar shows that it is shared.
from the A drive. However, no matter how simple the solution seems, you should always prepare for the worst. Before attempting any solution (besides removing a floppy disk or rebooting), perform as many of the following tasks as you can within your time frame, job scope, and corporate limitations:
Logical anD Is the default and means that all the precedence constraints connected to the task or container need to meet their conditions in order for the downstream task or container to execute. Logical Or Lets you specify that only one of the precedence constraints needs to meet its requirements in order for the task or container to execute.
Resolving Issues with the Journal
To complete the lessons in this chapter, you must have: A computer that meets or exceeds the minimum hardware requirements listed in the introduction at the beginning of the book. Any edition of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (including Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express edition or Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express edition) installed on the computer. Microsoft Distributed Transaction Controller (MSDTC) configured to allow WS-AT Transactions.
without blue in it, such as hot pink. Click OK.
10. Examine the folder in Windows Explorer. Which files have their archive attribute set
Lesson 1: Hosting a Service on a Web Server
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