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SOAP Service
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Transport Rules and Message Compliance
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Tables, Data Types, and Declarative Data Integrity
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Lesson Review
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1: Lesson Review Answers
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Figure 11-7 Table 11-5
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Comparing SQL Server and Windows Authentication Modes
Objective 2.3 Questions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15-17
NTFS stores an access control list (ACL) with every file and folder on an NTFS volume. The ACL contains a list of all user accounts and groups that have been assigned permissions for the file or folder, as well as the permissions that they have been assigned. When a user attempts to gain access to a resource, the ACL must contain an entry, called an access control entry (ACE), for the user account or a group to which the user belongs. The entry must allow the type of access that is requested (for example, Read access) for the user to gain access. If no ACE exists in the ACL, the user cannot access the resource.
Important Methods of XmlReader
Figure 9-8
sequence in which they were called. (If they do finish in the sequence in which they were called, it s only due to random chance.)
The appropriate media type and the backup media or file name
Lesson Review
New E-Mail Address Policy Wizard
The Usage-Based Optimization Wizard next displays the familiar Specify Object Counts page, which you encountered when working with the Aggregation Design Wizard in 7. Use this page to specify the counts for dimension members and measure groups. The Set Aggregation Option page should look familiar to you as well. As a best practice, use the Performance Gain Reaches 100 design aggregation option when running the Usage-Based Optimization Wizard. The Completing The Wizard page lets you create a new aggregation design, as Figure 8-24 shows, or merge the Usage-Based Optimization design with an existing aggregation design. You also have the option to process the affected partitions immediately by selecting the Process Partitions Immediately check box.
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