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' VB Debug.Flush() // C# Debug.Flush();
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' Bind the grid to the Customers table.
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The following policies are located in the Computer Configuration, Windows Settings, Security Settings, Local Policies, Audit Policy node of Group Policy Object Editor (or the Local Security Policy snap-in). You can configure auditing for successful or failed events.
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active log backup device backup strategy best-effort restore corrupt page quarantine differential backup differential restore filegroup backup filegroup restore full database backup full database restore log pointer media set mirrored backup partial backup partial restore point in time recovery recovery model restore strategy tail of the log transaction log backup transaction log restore
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unmanaged code, assert permissions, and control threads, among other
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Group Accounts
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Code available on the companion CD
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AdventureWorksDB db = new AdventureWorksDB();
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6. In the Public Folder Database Name box, type First Glasgow Database. 7. Ensure that the Mount This Database check box is selected. Do not change the Database File Path default. The New Folder Database page should look similar to Figure 4-12.
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A standard user can no longer supply administrator credentials
Restoring to a different server
4. Create a constructor that defines all three member variables, as the following code demonstrates:
1. What is a server licensor certificate 2. Which trust policies does AD RMS support Quick Check Answers 1. A server licensor certificate, or SLC, is a self-signed certificate that is generated during setup of the first server in a root cluster and assigned to the cluster as a whole. Other cluster members will share the SLC when they are installed. 2. AD RMS supports four trust policies:
Subnet A contains a DHCP relay agent. If we assume that the DHCP relay agent is configured to point toward the IP address of the DHCP server on Subnet C, DHCP clients on Subnet A will be able to obtain an address from this server. Subnet B does not contain a DHCP server or a DHCP relay agent. However, the DHCP Discover broadcasts from clients on Subnet B are able to pass through the RFC 1542 compliant router (provided that BOOTP forwarding has been enabled). Therefore, the DHCP client requests on Subnet B are received by the DHCP server on Subnet C. This DHCP server can then answer these requests accordingly.
B. You should tell the user that she is probably not authorized to encrypt the folder.
To complete the lessons in this chapter, you must have: A computer that meets or exceeds the minimum hardware requirements listed in the introduction at the beginning of the book. Any edition of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (including Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express Edition or Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition) installed on the computer.
' VB Private Sub UpdateRowVersionDisplay()
What Is a Discretionary Access Control List
Configuring the distribution database
In addition to creating shares and copying files to their Public folder structure, copying files to removable media, or e-mailing them to each other, users can share information by using the following methods:
Prior to Windows 2000, permissions were fairly simplistic, but with Windows 2000 and later versions, Microsoft enabled significantly more flexible and powerful control over resource access. With more power came more complexity, and now the ACL editor has three dialog boxes, each of which supports different and important functionality. The first dialog box provides a big picture view of the resource s security settings or permissions, allowing you to select each account that has access defined and to see the permissions templates assigned to that user, group, or computer. Each template shown in this dialog box represents a bundle of permissions that together allow a commonly configured level of access. For example, to allow a user to read a file, several granular permissions are needed. To mask that complexity, you can simply apply the Allow:Read & Execute permissions template and, behind the scenes, Windows sets the correct file or folder permissions. To view more details about the ACL, click Advanced, which exposes the second of the ACL editor s dialog boxes, the Advanced Security Settings For Docs dialog box, as shown in Figure 6-5. This dialog box lists the specific access control entries that have been assigned to the file or folder. The listing is the closest approximation in the user interface to the actual information stored in the ACL itself. The second dialog box also enables you to configure auditing, manage ownership, and evaluate effective permissions.
Objective 3.2: Install and Configure Software Update Infrastructure 15-17
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