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It can be necessary to calibrate Media Center s output for video on a computer screen or television. Similar in some ways to configuring a monitor s color properties in the Display Settings dialog box so that there is a direct match between the displayed color and the color output by the printer, the video output configuration ensures that the video output from Media Center is as accurate and true to life as possible. New digital video formats aim for the best possible fidelity, so it should not be surprising that you might need to alter some default settings to gain the best possible output. The Video Setup Wizard queries you on which monitor you want to display content if there are multiple monitors connected and the type of monitor that video content will be displayed. When specifying the type of monitor, you provide information about the connection between your computer and the display, the monitor s aspect ratio, and the display resolution. When using LCD monitors, remember to configure them to use the native resolution even if higher resolutions are possible because native resolution provides the best display experience.
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message.Formatter = new XmlMessageFormatter(new Type[]{typeof(string)});
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Index internals
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Practice: Planning Domain Controllers
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Exercise 1: Disable a Device
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You can use a network projector to support the following business scenarios:
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message.TimeToBeReceived = new TimeSpan(1, 0, 0);
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Use Check Disk to analyze and fix the file structure on a volume.
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Console.WriteLine("Method invocation was cancelled"); } else { Console.WriteLine("Method completed: {0} Value: {1}",
IXmlSerializable Interface
Configuring a Policy Setting
Displays the current settings for Database Mail.
Case Scenario 1: Increasing the Security of Administrative Accounts
Create a task sequence A task sequence defines the order in which the various steps of a workstation deployment occur. At this stage in the process, you use the interface shown in Figure 3-4 to create a task sequence that installs Windows 7 and all of the other required software components you have added to the deployment share on the reference computer. The task sequence can then capture an image of the installed reference computer, package it as a Windows Imaging file, and save it back to the deployment share.
If you re thinking that this isn t very interesting, you re right. So let s make it a little more interesting by making it touch sensitive. You can manipulate an object using touch in Windows 7 in a number of ways, but we ll start with the simplest moving it around the screen.
3. What are page faults Do you think a larger or smaller number of page faults indicates better system performance Why
A branch office is one that is ultimately controlled by your company but maintains a degree of autonomy. Banks, insurance companies, and large chains are examples of companies that traditionally maintain branch offices. A branch office likely will not keep up all the network services that the main office maintains. However, depending on the connection between the branch and the main office, you may find it necessary to replicate some services in the branch office to help stem the flow of data over the connecting network. Branch offices also do not typically act as links (or hubs) between other offices; each branch office is instead connected directly to a main office, as shown in Figure 2-3. There are exceptions to this, of course. In particularly large, distributed companies such as department stores, you may find that a regional branch connects to a national headquarters. Smaller branch locations, in turn, may connect to the regional branch instead of directly to the headquarters. This helps distribute the authority over the network structure and processes more effectively because each regional branch serves to manage the smaller branch locations.
Estimated lesson time: 60 minutes
Correct Answers: B, C, F, and G A. Incorrect: Because it is not possible to upgrade Windows 2000 Server to Windows XP Professional, it is also not possible to upgrade this version of the operating system to Windows XP Professional MUI Pack. B. Correct: Upgrade from Windows Me to Windows XP Professional, and then apply the MUI Pack files. You can simplify the process by creating an unattended answer file based upgrade installation of Windows XP Professional. Then add
Drives are also created for aliases, environment, certificates, functions, and variables. To list the PSDrives that have been created, type get-psdrive.
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