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Generate PDF417 in .NET Implementing Log Shipping

After this lesson, you will be able to:
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It is tempting to select No Paging File for the C drive so that all paging is done to the D drive. However, if you do this, problems can occur with error reporting. You could select Custom for the C drive and allocate 200 MB of virtual memory on that drive to prevent such problems, but in general, it is better to let the OS sort this out automatically. By the same token, you could select Custom for both drives and allocate virtual memory manually to each. Long experience with several OSs has taught me that the system can usually allocate virtual memory better than I can.
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Page 5-55
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To successfully master the objectives covered in this chapter, complete the following tasks.
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18. In the Location text box, type USA/NYC/1802Americas/42/B. 19. In the Comment text box, type Black and White Output Laser Printer-High Volume. 20. Click Next. The Print Test Page screen appears. A test page that prints successfully would confirm that your printer is set up properly. 21. Choose No (because the printer doesn t exist) and click Next. The Completing The Add Printer Wizard page appears and summarizes your installation choices. 22. Confirm the summary of your installation choices, and then click Finish. An icon for the printer appears in the Printers And Faxes window. Notice that Windows Server 2003 displays an open hand beneath the printer icon. This indi cates the printer is shared. Also notice the check mark next to the printer, which indicates the printer is the default printer for the print server. 23. Keep the Printers And Faxes window open because you will need it to complete the next exercise.
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Exercise 1
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Answers to these questions and explanations of why each answer choice is right or wrong are located in the Answers section at the end of the book.
Lesson 5: Maintaining Disks with Disk Defragmenter, Check Disk, and Disk Cleanup
The Member Of tab in Properties dialog box of a user account allows you to add a user account to multiple groups. Use this method to quickly add the same user account to multiple groups.
Configuring IP Address Assignment
Preparing an SDP
You can determine if a BackgroundWorker component is executing a background pro cess by reading the IsBusy property. The IsBusy property returns a Boolean value. If True, the BackgroundWorker component is currently running a background process. If False, the BackgroundWorker component is idle. An example follows:
2. Can you change the computer name after installation without having to reinstall Windows XP Professional If you can change the name, how do you do it If you cannot change the name, why not
Although most of this is straightforward, the last step needs some explanation. There are many ways to invoke your installers for example, by using the InstallUtil.exe utility. The Installer class has an Installers property, which is actually an instance of the InstallerCollection. This property is useful because it allows you to add multiple installers to one assembly so that different isolated tasks can be run. The next item you need to be aware of is the process of what happens when you start an installation. The first step is that the Install method is called, which commences the installation. If no error conditions are found, the Commit method is called at the end of the installation. The word commit has a special meaning for those familiar with the database and transactional worlds, and its meaning is the same here. Everything succeeds or fails as a group. And because installations are transactional in this sense, you won t have the problem of a partially installed application. This arrangement is a huge benefit. Think of a typical large application Microsoft Office. Imagine that the installation was 99 percent complete and then failed. If it wasn t transactional, you d have many files and registry entries left on your machine that would be of no use. This alone would seriously clutter your machine. So Office is polite enough to restore the machine s state if an installation isn t successful, thereby cleaning up the mess it made. Classes that derive from Installer extend this courtesy as well. However, a trigger needs to be set to indicate that the installation was successful, and therefore, no cleanup is necessary. The mechanism to accomplish this is the Commit method. Similarly, if you decide that you no longer want an application on a machine, there is an Uninstall method. This method allows users to simply remove the application and restore the computer s state, as opposed to manually looking through the application and deleting files and registry entries.
IP Attack
confirm that this breaking point exceeds 1.5 times the peak load. This will ensure that the application has some room to scale if new demands are placed on it. 3. The transactional unit tests verify the user business functions. From this perspective, you might prefer to create a single test and add to it and modify it as needed. This gives you one test to verify that the entire set of business transactions work or don t work. However, these tests will most likely also be used for defining the load, stress, and performance tests. For these tests it is important to simulate actual user load based on actual user behavior. In the case scenario the sales reps and reviewers work at different levels. You should therefore create separate transactional unit tests per test case or user activity. This will allow you to distribute these tests across the simulated user load. 4. First, you should suggest that the load test include network distribution as defined by the application support team (90 percent LAN, 10 percent VPN). Next, you ensure that the test team documents an actual user load pattern for the load tests. They need to segment the tests based on how users work. Last, it is important to define the number of concurrent users (see question 2) and what is meant by concurrent users. For the load tests concurrent users should be defined as the number of users working with the application. These users are working; they are not all executing simultaneous transactions. Therefore, you should use standard (or real) think times between transactions. 5. The testers need to set performance thresholds that should not be exceeded in order to verify that the load tests succeeded. Some simple thresholds include no rejected transactions (timeouts) and no errors. You should also define thresholds for processor and memory usage. For example, you might indicate that the load test should be considered as failed if the processor spikes above 80 percent for longer than 10 seconds. You would define a similar statement relative to memory usage. 6. First, the integration testing does not identify how the integration will be tested at the database level. There needs to be tests that confirm that data extracted from multiple systems gets into the database and is aggregated correctly. Second, the integration tests should define (or point to) actual test inputs and expected outputs. You should consider the tests to have been passed only after the results have been compared. Finally, the plan calls for building integration tests from use cases. This is okay, although more work needs to be done to identify communication issues and to determine what happens when things fail. 7. First, you should suggest that the test team also flood this quiet network with traffic patterns that exist in the real network. This is the only way you can determine how the application will behave on the production network. Second, the database requires more test data. You need to generate data that approximates the database as it will be in production. You should also suggest creating an automated means of initializing the data and cleaning it up before tests are run.
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