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If you remove a dynamic disk from a computer running Windows XP, Disk Management displays the disk as either Offline or Missing because the disk s configuration is still present in the dynamic disk database stored on the other disks on the computer. You can remove the missing disk s configuration from the dynamic disk database by right-clicking the disk and selecting Remove Disk.
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If you don t have access to this measurable data, you can set up a test server to help you measure bandwidth requirements for server connections. The actual require ments will depend on many situational factors, such as whether Database Mirroring is implemented or whether the database application architecture follows a two-tier or three-tier model.
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the folders with which those shares are associated. C. Incorrect: Libraries allows you to configure libraries. You cannot use Libraries to determine which shared folders a client running Windows 7 hosts because it is possible to host shared folders that are not libraries. D. Incorrect: You can use Network And Sharing Center to configure sharing options, but you cannot use Network And Sharing Center to determine which shared folders a client running Windows 7 hosts. 4. Correct Answer: B A. Incorrect: You should not assign the Read permission. If you assign this permission, users are unable to modify or delete files. B. Correct: You should assign the Modify permission because this allows users to add, modify, and delete files located in the accounting shared folder. C. Incorrect: You should not assign the Full Control permission because then users have the ability to modify shared folder permissions. D. Incorrect: You cannot assign the Owner permission to groups. When you use basic sharing, Windows automatically assigns this permission to the user who shares the folder. 5. Correct Answer: D A. Incorrect: Enabling this option does not ensure that shared resources are visible to other computers in the HomeGroup. This option allows HomeGroup readers to read and write files in the public folder. B. Incorrect: Enabling this option does not ensure that shared resources are visible to other computers in the HomeGroup. This option controls the encryption level of file sharing connections. C. Incorrect: Password Protected Sharing restricts access to shared resources hosted on the client. Only users with local accounts on the client are able to access shared resources when Password Protected Sharing is enabled. Enabling this option does not ensure that shared resources are visible to other computers in the HomeGroup. D. Correct: Network Discovery allows the client to find other computers on the network. It also allows other computers on the network to view resources shared by the client. Lesson 2: Folder and File Access In many Windows 7 deployments, multiple people have to use the same computer. When multiple people use the same computer and store their files locally, it becomes necessary to ensure that some form of security exists so that one user is able to look at another user's files only if he has the appropriate permissions. Windows 7 allows you to do this through file and folder permissions, as well as encryption through Encrypting File System (EFS). After this lesson, you will be able to: Configure file and folder permissions. Resolve effective permissions issues. Encrypt files and folders. Estimated lesson time: 40 minutes
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A group is a collection of user accounts. Groups simplify administration by allowing you to assign permissions and rights to a group of users rather than to each user account individually (shown in Figure 7-10). Permissions control what users can do with a resource such as a folder, a file, or a printer. When you assign permissions, you allow users to gain access to a resource and you define the type of access that they have. For example, if several users need to read the same file, you can add their user accounts to a group and then give the group permission to read the file. Rights allow users to perform system tasks, such as changing the time on a computer and backing up or restoring files.
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rity tab. Select Trusted Sites and click Sites. Add Server01 and Server01.contoso.com to the trusted site list.
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4. You need to replace the C:\... in the prior example with the actual path to the .mdf file you copied to your machine as part of step 2. 5. Follow the same procedure (steps 3 and 4) for the App.config file in the SetupProjectTrackingDb project. Point this configuration to the TestData.mdf file. 6. If you are using any of the completed projects (and not just walking through the exercise), you will also have to modify another connection string. At the beginning of the Exercise 3 process, you define an attribute for the FindInvoicesTest method to bind the test to data. Modify the connection string in the InvoiceManagerUnitTests project for the FindInvoicesTest method to point to the same database file, TestData.mdf. Exercise 1: Create a ClassInitialize Method to Load the Test Data In the System State/Dependency section of the test case, notice that the test case requires the database to have standard test data loaded prior to execution. You should consider doing the same thing prior to your unit tests executing. This will ensure that you are always running tests against the same standard view of the data. In this exercise you will write a method to reset the test database when the test class is initialized by the unit test framework. 1. Navigate to the test class called InvoiceManagerTests inside the InvoiceManagerUnitTests project. This file contains the unit tests for the methods in the InvoiceManager class (inside the BusinessDomain project).
COM components.
Task User and Group Account Administration
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The base address for IIS-hosted services are mapped to the virtual directory
Windows Server 2003 Lite and Full Network Monitor Tools. . . . . . . . . 12-16
SSIS Designer is a component of BIDS that you can use to construct the control flow in a package, add event handlers to the package and package objects, view package content, and view the execution progress of a package. When a package executes, an additional tab appears displaying progress and execution results.
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