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Implementing Monitoring and Reporting
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The best example of application domains in use is Internet Information Services (IIS) 5.0 s ASP.NET worker process, implemented by Aspnet_wp.exe. If 10 people visit an ASP.NET Web site simultaneously, ASP.NET will create a separate application domain for each user. Essentially, ASP.NET runs 10 separate instances of the assembly. Each instance of the assembly can store a property called userName without any concern that other instances will be able to access or overwrite the contents of the property. This same effect could be achieved by launching the same assembly in 10 separate processes, but switching between the processes would consume processor time, thus decreasing performance. Most of the time, you will rely on the existing run-time hosts to automatically create application domains for your assemblies. Examples of run-time hosts built into Microsoft Windows are ASP.NET, Internet Explorer (which creates a single application domain for all assemblies from a specific Web site), and the operating system. You can configure the behavior of these application domains by using friendly tools such as the Internet Information Services Manager and the .NET Framework Configuration tool. However, just as Aspnet_wp.exe creates application domains to isolate multiple instances of an assembly, you can create your own application domains to call assemblies with little risk that the assembly will take any action or access any resources that you have not specifically permitted. Figure 8-2 shows how an assembly can host application domains.
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The compiled executable file that a service application project creates must be installed before the project can function in a meaningful way. You cannot debug or run a service application by pressing F5 or F11; you cannot immediately run a service or step into its code. Instead, you must install and start your service, and then attach a debugger to the service s process.
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' VB Dim info As DemoContextInfo = Nothing Dim hasSession As Boolean = (channel.SessionId IsNot Nothing) If hasSession Then instanceContext.IncomingChannels.Add(channel) info = channel.Extensions.Find(Of DemoContextInfo)() End If // C# DemoContextInfo info = null; bool hasSession = (channel.SessionId != null); if (hasSession) { instanceContext.IncomingChannels.Add(channel);
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' VB Dim watcher As New FileSystemWatcher(Environment.SystemDirectory) // C# FileSystemWatcher watcher = new FileSystemWatcher(Environment.SystemDirectory);
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Forefront Security for Exchange Server
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1. Which of the following solutions (they are all valid) is best under these circumstances A. Tell the user to join a printer newsgroup and ask other users for advice. B. Tell the user to open Help And Support Center, locate the printer troubleshooter, and work through the options. There is an option to allow Windows to investigate the problem, and this might produce a solution. C. Tell the user to visit http://www.windrivers.com and download a new driver for the printer. D. Tell the user to uninstall and reinstall the printer.
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Prompt For Standard Users policy so that when a user who is not a member of the local administrators group performs a task that requires elevated privileges, an administrator connected through remote assistance is able to provide the appropriate credentials for elevation.
A. Create the demand-dial interface on the local area connection.
1: Case Scenario Answers
In the Report Designer, click the Design tab. Select the Body element. Body is a transparent element in the body of the report, behind the matrix and before the page footer. You can select Body by clicking an empty area in the body of the report or by selecting Body from the Object drop-down
Create a restore point before making any major changes.
Managed Content Settings
In the current query window, below the existing text, type, highlight, and execute the following command to add a new row to the credit table and verify the results. Notice that the CustomerID value is the next incremented value even though the previous rows were all deleted:
Exercise 1: Create a Partition Function In this exercise, you will create a partition function that is used to horizontally partition the data in the Production.Product table. The data will be partitioned by ProductNumber, which is a character-based column. The data will be placed into separate filegroups that reside on the same instance of SQL Server. 1. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. 2. Connect to the instance of SQL Server 2005 that contains the AdventureWorks database. 3. Right-click the AdventureWorks database, and select Properties. Select the Filegroups page. (Refer to Figure 8-4.)
You do not want to remove a prior version of Exchange server only to discover that it provides a critical service to some department in your organization of which you were unaware. Other steps that you need to take prior to decommissioning a legacy Exchange Server include the following:
"Advanced Microsoft Speech Server Development",
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