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and enables developers to query a database and return data into a recordset object. If your application needs to access data using Visual Basic (not Visual Basic .NET) or the scripting languages VBScript and JScript, you need to use ADO. Before you can create a connection using ADO, you need to reference the ADO libraries in your project. If you are using a Visual Basic project, you will need to select References from the Project menu. From Available References, browse to the location of the MDAC library, as shown in Figure 1-4.
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Lesson 1: Working with XML
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In this example, you are getting the MethodInfo for the overload of the WriteLine class that takes a single String and writes it out to the console. It is not really different than what you saw earlier in this lesson, except that this is a static method, so you can call it like so:
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After you have installed the spelling and grammar tools, you need to turn on Automatic Language Detection by following these steps: 1. Open Word 2003, and from the Tools menu, point to Language, and then select Set Language. 2. Select the Detect Language Automatically check box, as shown in Figure 6-17, and click OK.
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Lesson 3: Managing Reporting Services
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1. Northwind Traders should use transactional replication. Depending on the resources available on the SQL Server 2005 server that holds the database table, the company should use either the Central Publisher or Central Publisher with Remote Distributor model. In addition, the Publishing Subscriber model is appropriate for each branch office. This configuration reduces the amount of data that needs to travel over WAN links, and it probably reduces latency. 2. Tailspin Toys should create a snapshot publication and publish this to its stores. The SQL Server 2005 server at the central office is probably configured as a Central Subscriber for merge replication, but this does not prevent it from acting as a Central Publisher for snapshot replication. 3. Humongous Insurance should configure the SQL Server 2005 server at its central office as a Central Subscriber for merge replication. The Central Subscriber collates the information and can then republish the collated information to servers at the branch offices. Humongous Insurance should reconfigure the trigger to use the NOT FOR REPLICATION clause.
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The Removable Storage utility is used to manage media devices such as disks, tape, and optical media, which are stored either online in the form of information libraries or offline on a shelf or in a file drawer.
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The execution time of the query is the most volatile metric. It is affected by blocking (locks), as well as resource contention on the server. That said, it is particularly important to always include the query execution time metric in performance comparisons because it can help you spot problems missed by the other performance metrics (page reads and query cost). If you execute SET STATISTICS TIME ON, SQL Server returns the execution time in milliseconds for each query execution.
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A printer pool is one logical printer that supports multiple physical printers, either attached to the server, attached to the network, or a combination thereof. When you create a printer pool, users documents are sent to the first available printer the logi cal printer representing the pool automatically checks for an available port. Printer pooling is configured from the Ports tab of the printer s Properties dialog box. To set up printer pooling, select the Enable Printer Pooling check box, and then select or add the ports containing print devices that will be part of the pool. Figure 8-8 shows a printer pool connected to three network-attached printers.
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4. Add a second button and set the following properties:
Extending SSAS Cubes
Property Page Address Address Address Address Organization Organization
available through the Microsoft Help And Support page, but TechNet is more geared to
Remote Assistance is best, so you should have the user send you a Remote Assistance invitation. When using Remote Assistance, you can take shared control of the desktop, which allows you to perform the configuration while the user watches.
The (Name) property, which represents the name of the Form class, is an exception. This property is used within the namespace to uniquely identify the class that the Form is an instance of and, in the case of Visual Basic, is used to access the default instance of the form.
Database transaction logs are created with fixed boundaries in which you can shrink a transaction log file. The size of the virtual log files contained within the transaction log determines the reduction in size that is possible when shrinking the transaction log. This means that you cannot shrink the transaction log to a size less than the virtual log
Combine GetDirectoryName GetExtension GetFileName GetFileNameWithoutExtension GetFullPath GetPathRoot GetRandomFileName GetTempFileName GetTempPath HasExtension IsPathRooted
vice, SSMS, and the Report Viewers.
Managing Computer Accounts
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