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Make a full backup of the primary database and restore it in the secondary server. Restore an existing primary database backup in the secondary server. Use an already initialized database.
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Configuring Security Settings and Internet Options
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RAISERROR(50001, 16, 1, 'Woodgrove Bank', 12902);
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HKCU contains the console user's per user settings. This root key is a link to HKU\SID, where SID is the console user's security identifier. This branch includes environment variables, desktop settings, network connections, printers, and application preferences. Here's a snapshot of some of this root key's subkeys: AppEvents. Associates sounds with events. For example, it associates sounds with opening menus, minimizing windows, and logging off Windows XP. Console. Stores data for the console subsystem, which hosts all character mode applications, including the MS DOS command prompt. In addition, the Console key can contain subkeys for custom command windows. Control Panel. Contains accessibility, regional, and desktop appearance settings. You configure most of these settings in Control Panel. However, this key contains a handful of useful settings that have no user interface; you can configure them only through the registry. Environment. Stores environment variables users have set. Each value associates an environment variable with the string that Windows XP substitutes for the variable. The default values for these entries are in the user's profile. Identities. Contains one subkey for each identity in Microsoft Outlook Express. Outlook Express uses identities to allow multiple users to share a single mail client. With Windows XP's support for user profiles, one user's settings are separate from other users' settings, so this key is seldom necessary. Keyboard Layout. Contains information about the installed keyboard layouts. Network. Stores information about mapped network drives. Each subkey in Network is a mapped drive to which Windows XP connects each time the user logs on to the computer. The subkeys' names are the drive letters to which the drives are mapped. Each drive's key contains settings used to reconnect the drive. Printers. Stores user preferences for printers. Software. Contains per user application settings. Windows XP stores much of its own configuration in this key, too. Microsoft has standardized its organization so that programs store settings in HKCU\Software\Vendor\Program\Version\. Vendor is the name of the program's publisher, Program is the name of the program, and Version is the program's version number. Often, as is the case with Windows XP, Version is simply CurrentVersion. Volatile Environment. Contains environment variables defined when the user logged on to Windows XP. Other subkeys you see in HKCU are usually legacy leftovers or uninteresting. They include UNICODE Program Groups, SessionInformation, and Windows 3.1 Migration Status. 28
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All component implementations will always lean on other code, even if that code is just the Object class. But choosing the right approach to extending, composing, or implementing functionality is crucial to a well-designed and implemented component.
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' VB Dim Player As New SoundPlayer Player.SoundLocation = "C:\Program Files\Messenger\newemail.Wav" Player.PlaySync() // C# SoundPlayer player = new SoundPlayer(); player.SoundLocation = @"C:\Program Files\Messenger\newemail.Wav"; player.PlaySync();
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The Configure method accepts two parameters: Filename and a Boolean switch that
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One local hard-disk partition that has at least 150 megabytes (MB) of available hard disk space. The disk should be formatted with the NTFS file system. In addition, you will need to allow additional disk space for logging or Web caching. At a minimum, you should allow an additional of 4 gigabytes (GB) disk space.
are five single-master operations: schema, domain naming, infrastructure, RID, and PDC emulator.
Folder options specify how folders function and the content that is displayed.
MaxItemSize ProhibitPostQuota
OpenFileDialog loadKey = new OpenFileDialog();
ldifde i f "%userprofile%\documents\computers.ldf"
Default authentication protocols enabled on the dial-up client
Use the Edit Binary Value dialog box to edit REG_BINARY values. The first column of numbers in this dialog box is the offset, starting from zero. The second column of numbers contains the binary string in hexadecimal notation. The last column shows the text representation of the binary string. You can edit either the second or third columns. You can type hexadecimal digits or plain text.
A password that has a minimum of six characters is required
Business Requirements
Before taking the exam, review the key points and terms that are presented below to help you identify topics you need to review. Return to the lessons for additional prac tice, and review the Further Reading sections in Part 2 for pointers to more informa tion about topics covering the exam objectives.
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