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You will need to set the LazySchemaValidation property for each linked server. This option specifies whether the schema used by the linked server is validated when the local SQL Server instance is idle. Setting this option provides a performance advantage for queries against the linked server. You can set this option by using the sp_serveroption system stored procedure. The Transact-SQL code needed to set this option is as follows:
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asymmetric key Bulk-Logged recovery model certificate Database Mail Database Mail account Database Mail profile database master key database role data file default filegroup filegroup fixed server role Full recovery model linked server log file Mixed Mode authentication primary data file primary filegroup RAID 0 RAID 1
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SET @var = 1
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Zone scavenging
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Testing Skills and Suggested Practices
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You can also customize what is shown on toolbars, and there are several ways to access the customization options:
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learned about in 7, Building Multitouch Applications in Managed Code. After you have captured the mouse input, you create a new Stroke that contains a DrawingAttributes object that defines the visual characteristics of this stroke. In the example presented here, DrawingAttributes for the stroke provide it with a Width of 2, a Height of 2, a fill color of White, and an outline color of White. The MouseEventArgs type in Silverlight supports a getStylusPoints method, as you saw earlier in this chapter, that takes the InkPresenter as its sole parameter. This method returns an instance of the StylusPointCollection type that can be used with the stroke s AddStylusPoints method. You then add the stroke to the InkPresenter s StrokesCollection. You can see the code here:
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Install and configure server hardware devices
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PSOs and OUs
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application URL An application Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is used to identify a
Rootsec Securedc Securews Setup security Defltsv Defltdc
Description The form has no border and has no minimize, maximize, help, or control boxes. The form has a single border and cannot be resized by the user. It can have a minimize, maximize, help, or control box as determined by other properties. The form s border has a three-dimensional appearance and cannot be resized by the user. It can have a minimize, maximize, help, or control box as determined by other properties. The form has a single border and cannot be resized by the user. Additionally, it has no control box. It can have a min imize, maximize, or help box as determined by other properties. This is the default setting for a form. It is resizable by the user and can contain a minimize, maximize, or help box as determined by other properties. The form has a single border and cannot be resized by the user. The window contains no boxes except the close box. The form has a single border and is resizable by the user. The window contains no boxes except the close box.
Figure 6-8 The Effective Permissions tab of the Advanced Security Settings dialog box
Managing Data Storage
To complete this exercise, you must have a computer that is capable of booting using the CD-ROM drive. You must also know the password for the local Administrator account. If you do not meet these requirements, do not attempt this exercise. You should also not attempt this exercise on a production computer.
Avoid adding too much functionality to your WSE router
Exercise 1: Using FxCop to Test an Assembly for Security Weaknesses
Schedules the job to run only once, at a predefined date and time. Configures the job to run when
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