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This method isn t as elegant in most respects as wiring up the event handler as we did in the previous lesson because we have to poll for the results. This polling is running in the same thread, so it does block execution on that thread. (Blocking is the inter ruption of a thread until a value is returned.) A more elegant solution, similar to the first method that was illustrated, is using a call back method. Callback methods are exactly what their name implies: They call back to the application, metaphorically saying I m done. Using them is equally simple. In this case, you just need to specify an AsyncCallBack object and specify a target for it. Processing occurs asynchronously, and when it s completed, the callback notifies the application that it s finished. At that point, any return values can be retrieved:
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0x1 ........................... MS TCP Loopback interface
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Moving Mailboxes and Implementing Bulk Management
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Configuring Web Caching (4.0)
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Schedule a task to run when you need it to.
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Questions and Answers
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Rooslan is the systems administrator of a Windows Server 2003 system that runs SQL Server 2000. The server has six SCSI hard disk drives attached. The first two form a mirrored pair and host the volume that contains the operating system and the program files. The other four SCSI disks are configured in RAID-5 and host a single volume that contains all the database data. Currently, 40 percent of the volume is used. One of the four disks in the RAID-5 volume fails. Which of the following statements about this situation is true A. The server will continue operating and no data has been lost. B. The server will halt. The server will be operational once the failed disk has been replaced. C. Once the volume is reactivated the server will continue operating. New data cannot be written to the RAID-5 volume, but current data can be read and backed up. D. All data will be lost. A striped set, rather than RAID-5, is required for fault tolerance.
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Running Microsoft Windows XP on a Mobile PC Throughout this book, we refer to laptops and Tablet PCs by the generic term of mobile PCs. Most of the information in the book is equally applicable to laptops and Tablet PCs. Any content specific to the Tablet PCs is identified by the icon shown in the margin.
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After this lesson, you will be able to
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Windows networking. This allows NetBIOS communication to computers on the Internal network. Microsoft error reporting. This allows Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) access to the Microsoft Error Reporting sites Uniform Resource Locator (URL) set to allow reporting of error information. By default, this URL set includes specific Microsoft sites.
Authorizing the Server
Lesson 4
the parameter. If no OUDN is supplied, the computer account is created in the default computer container. The user credentials must have permissions to create computer objects.
Lesson 4: Creating Conversations
You must register the Active Directory Schema snap-in before you can create a custom Microsoft Management Console (MMC) with the snap-in. At a command prompt, type regsvr32 schmmgmt.dll.
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Monitoring Microsoft Windows Server 2003
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