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Printing PDF417 in .NET Lesson 2: Retrieving XML Data by Using SQL Server Server-Side Technologies

Supporting Local Users and Groups
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Another setting whose proper configuration is required for TCP/IP to function is the subnet mask. This value is used by a host to determine whether the destination of a packet is on the local network or on a remote network. Each subnet mask is a 32-bit address that uses a string of 1-bits to block, or mask, the network ID of a packet s des tination address and to distinguish this network ID from the host ID. Every host on a TCP/IP network requires a subnet mask either a default subnet mask, which is used when a network has not been subnetted (and therefore consists of a single subnet), or a custom subnet mask, which is typically used when a network is divided into multiple subnets. For example, the following 32-bit number represents the default subnet mask used by hosts configured with a Class B address (such as
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Case Scenario 2: Creating a SOAP Extension
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10 Review
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You are a DST for a large retail store that has offices in five states. An out-of-state user calls you and asks you to help her configure her workstation running Windows XP Pro fessional. You want to administer her workstation by using Remote Assistance. What should you ask the user to do A. Tell the user to right-click My Network Places, select Create A New Connection, and then choose Remote Assistance. B. Tell her to click Start, select Help And Support, and then select Remote Assistance from the Additional Resources section. C. Tell her to select All Programs and then Remote Assistance from the menu. D. Tell the user to select Remote Assistance from Network And Internet Connections of Control Panel.
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Example 1 Modify is the highest level of permission assigned to the user or any group the user is a member of, and is therefore the effective permission. Example 2 Full Control is the highest level of permission assigned to the user or any group the user is a member of, and is therefore the effective permission. Example 3 No permissions have been assigned to the user or any group the user is a member of. The user cannot access the resource.
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1. Correct Answer: B A. Incorrect: The information on the status bar is seldom, if ever, paid attention to. Using the status bar is roughly the same as not letting the user know at all.
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Before taking the exam, review the key points and terms that are presented below to help you identify topics you need to review. Return to the lessons for additional practice and review the Further Readings sections in Part 2 for pointers to more information about topics covered by the exam objectives.
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After this lesson, you will be able to
Designing a Site Plan
The DNS name resolution process
Lesson 2
Customer.Customer A table that contains customer contact information Customer.CustomerAddress A table that contains address information for customers Customer.CustomerPrimaryAddress A view that displays customer infor mation along with the designated primary address Customer.GetCustomer A stored procedure that retrieves data from the Cus tomerPrimaryAddress view
The StreamReader class is intended to read a stream as a string, not as a series of bytes. In this way, the StreamReader s methods for returning data all return either strings or arrays of strings. The File class supports some additional methods to make it simpler to open a file for reading. In the previous example, you created a FileStream and then created a new StreamReader. The File class supports creating a StreamReader directly with the OpenText method, as seen in this code snippet:
Using Windows Backup and Restore
A. Correct: All employees can access their forms through the Forms shared folder as
The ToolStripDropDownButton allows you to create a drop-down menu that appears when the button is clicked. At design time, you can create the menu by typing text for menu items in the menu designer, as shown in Figure 4-2.
Or you could use the following code, which uses the FOREIGN KEY keyword:
6 at a Glance
Child Elements for the clientCredentials Element
Lesson Review
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