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Performance Evaluation
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In this exercise, you create two query parameters and assign them fixed values. You are going to use parameters in the WHERE clause of the source query to limit the number of rows returned.
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Page 11-31
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Configuring Hardware Devices and Drivers
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The Export Template feature creates a new template from the current database settings at the time you execute the command, not from the computer s current settings.
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Your code should look like this:
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Do not use the Program Compatibility Wizard if you are attempting to run antivirus programs, backup programs, disk utilities, or other system programs. This might cause data loss or create a security risk.
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ChannelServices.RegisterChannel(HttpChannel, False)
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Contains the properties of an object.
If you need to read the font type from a string, you can use the FontConverter class. This is not the preferred method, however, because using a string to describe a font is less reliable. (It s less reliable because the compiler cannot detect errors or typos.) Therefore, you won t discover an error in the font name until a run time ArgumentException is thrown. The following example creates an Arial 12-point font:
In the existing query window, below the existing code, type, highlight, and execute the following command to undo the changes that you made:
Size 180 MB 500 MB 100 MB 250 MB 80 MB
In this practice, you will create a dynamic distribution book whose members have external e-mail addresses and a Company attribute Contoso, Inc. You check that Sean P. Alexander is a member of this group. You need to complete Practice 1 before you attempt Practice 2. If you expanded the first practice as suggested, check that only the mail-enabled users with a Company attribute Contoso, Inc. are added to this group. If you want to expand this practice, you can use Exchange Management Shell to create additional dynamic distribution groups with different membership conditions: 1. If necessary, log on to the domain controller by using the Kim_Akers account. 2. Open the Exchange Management Console.
Monitor Server Hardware
TO DISK = 'C:\Backup\AWBackup.bak'
Use Device Manager to verify that the most recent version of the network adapter driver is installed and that the device is working properly.
Personalizing Office Features
The DSADD GROUP command can take the following optional parameters after the DN parameter:
Alert Configuration for Free Disk Space
Access to removable devices is configured through the Computer Configuration\ Administrative Templates\System\Removable Storage Access node Group Policy. Figure 5-10 shows some of these policies.
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