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pane, click Move The Selected Computer link. In an update infrastructure characterized by a small number of computer groups with limited membership, manual management of computer groups is possible. In more complicated implementations, however, you will want to configure clientside targeting, also called computer-based targeting. In client-side targeting, clients register their group membership when they report to the WSUS server. Client computers are configured with their group membership using a registry entry or Group Policy. In a non Active Directory environment, you configure the TargetGroup registry string entry with the name of the group, and you configure the TargetGroupEnabled registry dword entry with the value 1. Both these registry entries are found in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate key. In an Active Directory environment, you can automate the configuration of update group membership by enabling the Enable Client-Side Targeting Group Policy setting. In a GPO, open the Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, Windows Components, Windows Update node. Open the Enable Client-Side Targeting setting and click Enabled. Type the name of the computer group in the box. Any computers within the scope of the GPO will report that group membership to the WSUS server. With client-side targeting enabled, a client reports its group membership to WSUS, but the membership will not take effect unless the group exists on the WSUS server. So, as with server-based targeting, you must create all groups on the WSUS server that you have configured for client-side targeting. If a client reports membership in a group that does not exist on the WSUS server, a warning will register on the WSUS administration home page to help you identify the problem. Until you resolve the conflict, either by creating the computer group or by moving the computer into an existing group, the computer will be managed as an unassigned computer.
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Lesson 1: Implementing Functions
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D. Correct: Global groups can be created with a group type of distribution regard-
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Figure 8-10 Using the Customize IPSec Settings dialog box to customize IPSec settings for different network profiles
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Introduction to Desktop Support
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The Alert view displays a list of performance alerts that have been defined. A performance alert basically polls one or more counters at a regular interval and sends out a notification when the counters exceed (or fall below) a specified limit. For example, you could set up a performance alert so that an action is taken when the CPU usage is greater than 95 percent and the page faults per second are greater than 100. When the criterion, whatever it might be, is met, the Performance Monitor can take up to four actions:
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Hardware Device Resources
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Using the Backup Utility
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Public SynchronizationObject As New Object()
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4. You attempt to convert an external FireWire disk from basic to dynamic, but the option to convert is not available. What is the most likely reason for this code 39 generator code project
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15. Return to Enterprise PKI and click the Refresh button. There should no longer be any errors in the Enterprise PKI view.
certification exam content. You can set up the test so that it closely simulates the experience of taking a certification exam, or you can set it up in study mode so that you can look at the correct answers and explanations after you answer each question. Note MORE INFO: PRACTICE TESTS For details about all the practice test options available, see the section entitled "How to Use the Practice Tests," in the Introduction to this book.
Number of scans performed Number of pages read from the data cache
Exam Tip MOM is not specif ically mentioned in the objectives of the 70-236 examination, and it is most unlikely to be tested in depth. However, one objective is Monitor Mail Queues, and MOM is a tool you can use for this purpose, so it could appear as one of the alternative answers in a question on this topic.
Practice 1
Practice: Creating Multiple User Objects
Domain-Naming Guidelines
Modifying settings You may need to modify a content download job after creating it. To modify the cache rule settings, open ISA Server Management, expand the Cache container, and click the content download job on the Content Download Jobs tab. Then click Edit The Selected Job. The configuration options when modifying the job are the same as the options when creating the job.
' VB Sub ApplyDispatchBehavior(description As ContractDescription, _ Endpoint As ServiceEndpoint, dispatchRuntime As DispatchRuntime) _ Implements IContractBehavior.ApplyDispatchBehavior End Sub
Aggregation Design Wizard) with an aggregation design from the usage-Based optimization Wizard
groups and programmed into toolbars that can be added or removed from the UI at the user s option. The use of familiar icons for toolbar commands will break up the monotony of the UI and make it easier to use and learn. Context menus that duplicate key commands can reinforce application integrity and make the program easier to use.
tabLe 7-5 Deployment Options
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