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Scenario 2 Question
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Application name in IIS
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Load Count into Register (Count is 10) Increment Register value (Count is still 10) Store incremented Value (Count is now 11) SomeClass Count=10 Load Count into Register (Count is 10) Increment Register value (Count is still 10) Store incremented Value (Count is now 11)
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If you allow your database to grow without removing obsolete data, the performance of your database server suffers. A well-designed data archiving strategy can reduce or eliminate the problems associated with maintaining excess data.
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Introduction to ISA Server 2004
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3. Run your application, and open the boot-utf7.txt file in Notepad. If the file was translated correctly, Notepad will display it with some invalid characters because Notepad does not support the UTF-7 encoding type.
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Estimated lesson time: 60 minutes
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Set-MailboxServer and Set-TransportServer cmdlets
Figure 7-8 The Security Configuration and Analysis snap-in displays an analysis of the computer s configuration.
Troubleshooting Lab
3. Change the class declaration to the following:
Deploying SSIS Packages
that carries event arguments. In some events, such as the Click event, the EventArgs argu ment carries practically no information. In others, such as the MouseClick event, a great deal of information about the state of the mouse is carried in the MouseClickEventArgs argument.
Using Your Mobile PC in Meetings
Internal Network
You can use Exchange Management Shell commands based on the Get-MailboxStatistics cmdlet to create report data for mailboxes that hold a specified number of messages or more. If you want to sort these mailboxes in order of number of messages, it is typically easier to do this by using the facilities provided by the reporting software.
the distinctions between the terms; they will become clear through experience if not through analysis.
Deleting Columns in a DataGridView Programmatically
Lesson 1: Resolving Taskbar and Start Menu Issues
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"/ Get queue, create the queue if it does not exist.
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