Lesson 2: Creating and Editing Control Flow Objects in .net C#

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Example Number 1
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Building Components
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turned off at the installation time, it waits until the next scheduled date and time. The Reschedule Wait Time policy, if set between 1 and 60, causes Automatic Updates to start update installation 1 to 60 minutes after system startup.
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Practice Create a WCF service that can handle different versions of an interface. Examine the incoming message to determine which version of the service should receive and process the request.
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1. Do you notice any values that indicate a bottleneck If so, list the values and explain what you would do to troubleshoot the problem.
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Name = CategoryNameTextBox Text = Beverages Name = OrdYearTextBox Text = 1997 Name = ResultsTextBox MultiLine = True ScrollBars = Both
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Before executing the statement, add the package password after the /DECRYPT line. Enclose the password in quotation marks, and your statement should look like the following:
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' Get the selected DataRow
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Creating a setup project for a service requires special considerations
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How merge replication works
You are the systems administrator for a medium-sized organization that runs a single Windows Server 2003 domain. The Default Domain GPO has the following password policy settings: 10 Passwords Remembered Maximum Password Age: 10 days Minimum Password Age: 2 days Minimum Password Length: 10 characters
Introducing Windows 7 for Developers
Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining Network Security (3.0)
In this example, you can see how you read a sensor data report, Sensor.DataReport, and then extract all the values of that report into a SensorData object, which is a dictionary of GUID keys and a list of objects that are used as values. These are the actual native API GUID keys and values of the Sensor API. You call the TryGetValue method on the sensorDataReport.Values object to extract a single value, the Light LUX value. Note that you pass a GUID-based key in the form of SensorPropertyKeys.SENSOR_DATA_TYPE_LIGHT_LUX.FormatId, which is the same GUID you used in the native example shown in the previous section.
Windows XP Professional allows you to configure security settings in the following areas by using Local Security Policy: Account policies Account policies include password policies, such as minimum password length and account lockout settings. You will learn about the account policies available for configuration in Lesson 2, Configuring Account Policies. Local policies
Table 9-2
Supporting Local Users and Groups
Note The special folders in this section are per user and exist within users' profile folders. Windows XP also lists per computer special folders in HKLM. Examples of per computer folders include Common AppData, Common Desktop, and Common Documents. It's not as useful to customize per computer folders, however. Regardless, the same rules apply. Change the location of the folder in User Shell folders; Windows XP automatically updates Shell Folders.
What Are Denial-Of-Service Attacks
During the online WPA process, the computer forwards the Product and Hardware IDs to Microsoft activation servers. If the activation check determines that the Product ID has not exceeded its allowed number of activations, the activation servers record the Hardware ID and Product ID, the number of recorded activations for the Product ID is incremented, and the activation servers forward an activation code to the client. Microsoft allows you to reinstall and reactivate Windows 7 on the same computer once without incrementing the number of recorded activations. Substantially altering the computer s hardware configuration also triggers reactivation. This can cause problems if a prior event has triggered a reactivation: you might need to contact Microsoft if a single computer goes through several rapid hardware configuration changes that prompt multiple reactivations.
Executes under the context of the specified login.
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