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Context <user name> SELF OWNER
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Estimated lesson time: 60 minutes
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Although Windows XP Professional provides some level of support for UPSs, a good UPS usually comes with software of its own. The manufacturer s software is often better than Windows XP Professional at determining battery levels and estimated run time. In addition, some software includes extra features such as the capability to automatically save documents, exit programs, and shut down the computer (or even to send the computer into hibernation) when a power outage occurs.
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Teach end users to use Disk Cleanup weekly.
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14. When the wizard is finished, click Done.
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Installing and Configuring TCP/IP
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Note You can access the System Properties dialog box by right-clicking My Computer and selecting Properties, or by double-clicking System in Control Panel.
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You can set the remote access permission for user accounts to any one of the three fol lowing levels. In all server environments except Active Directory domains whose func tional level is Windows 2000 mixed, the Control Access Through Remote Access Policy option is enabled by default. Control Access Through Remote Access Policy This particular option neither blocks nor allows dial-up access for the user. Instead, it specifies that access permissions for the user be determined by first matching the remote access policy applied to the con nection. (By default, remote access policies block all remote access connections.) Deny Access When you select the Deny Access option, dial-up access for the user account is blocked regardless of other settings or policies applied to the account. Allow Access When you select the Allow Access option, dial-up remote access for the user account is permitted, overriding the remote access permission setting in remote access policies. Note that the Allow Access setting does not always prevent remote access policies from blocking remote access; a remote access policy can still restrict the
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Exercise 2: Disable the ALT+SHIFT Language Toggle Option
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Practice: WMI Data from Event Viewer
Sara Morgan In earlier versions of Visual Studio, dynamic discovery files were handled a little differently. In the past, Visual Studio would automatically generate a dynamic discovery file for every project and put it in the root folder of the project. The file would be named the same as the project name but with a .vsdisco extension. This file included references to folders that would be excluded from a dynamic search. This method of dynamic discovery is no longer used. The process of dynamic discovery exposes all Web services beneath a requested URL. Depending on your network configuration, this can represent a security risk for your organization. Use care when deciding whether to utilize this method of discovery. I personally would recommend against it.
Because printing can be a time-consuming process, and because the process is carried out asynchronously, it can be useful to inform the user when a print job has finished. You can create a notification of the end of printing for the user by handling the PrintDocument.EndPrint event. The PrintDocument.EndPrint event is raised after all pages of a print job have been printed. It has a signature that is the same as the PrintPages event that is, it includes an object that represents the sender of the event and an instance of System.Drawing.Printing .PrintPageEventArgs. The following example demonstrates how to notify the user with a message box when the print job is complete:
Correct Answers: C A. Incorrect: The problem is not that the content is not being cached correctly, but that the content in the cache is not being updated frequently enough. This can be solved by modifying the frequency at which content is retrieved from the server on the perimeter network. B. Incorrect: The problem is not that the content is not being cached correctly, but that the content in the cache is not being updated frequently enough. This can be solved by modifying the frequency at which content is retrieved from the server on the perimeter network. C. Correct: Configuring this setting will mean that the content in the cache will be updated through a download from the source on an hourly basis. Clients that are served pages from the cache for this site will never view items more than 1 hour old. D. Incorrect: Configuring this setting would mean that objects that arrived in the cache through this download rule would expire in 120 minutes. Depending on the cache settings, which are not detailed in this question, this might mean that the cache routes a new request to the host server or it may simply drop the request.
This lab implements a custom SOAP extension using a class library project that inher its from both the SoapExtension and SoapExtensionAttribute classes. To complete this lab, you create a new project using the Visual Studio Class Library installed template. If you encounter a problem completing this lab, the completed projects are available on the companion CD in the Code folder. This SOAP extension can be limited to specific Web methods because it inherits from the SoapExtensionAttribute class. To utilize the extension, you would add to a Web method an attribute that referenced the newly created SoapExtensionAttribute class. This custom SOAP extension class is used to process the SOAP message and write results to a log file on the Web server s local drive. The message that appears in the log file is appended with a string indicating whether the message is processing a server or a client message. The log message also contains the actual stream being processed. A record is only written to the log file during the BeforeSerialize and BeforeDeserialize stages. 1. Open Visual Studio 2005, create a new project by clicking File, New, Project, and then selecting the Class Library installed template. Enter CustomSoapExtension as the name of the new Class Library project, and then click OK to create the new solution. 2. The template adds a new class file named Class1 to your project. Right-click the Class1 file in Solution Explorer, and then click Rename. Change the name from Class1 to CustomSoapExtension, and then click OK. 3. Right-click the References folder, and then click Add Reference. In the Add Ref erence dialog box, on the .NET tab, select System.Web.Services, and then click OK. 4. Paste the following code into the code window for the CustomSoapExtension namespace. It should replace all existing code in this window.
// Set the command's connection to the Northwind database ExecuteSqlCommand.Connection = NorthwindConnection; // Executing SQL statements uses CommandType = Text ExecuteSqlCommand.CommandType = CommandType.Text; // The CommandText is set to the SQL statement we want to run ExecuteSqlCommand.CommandText = "SELECT CustomerID, CompanyName FROM Customers"; // You must open the connection before executing the command ExecuteSqlCommand.Connection.Open(); // Assign the results of the SQL statement to a data reader SqlDataReader reader = ExecuteSqlCommand.ExecuteReader(); while (reader.Read()) {
money every year solving the same problem many times. You might find that you can take some existing code, turn it into a component, and use it for multiple applications. Third-party components and libraries We discussed this earlier. There are some great things available to you for a low cost in terms of creating reports, charts, and other features. BizTalk Server Provides a solution for managing business process and integration. The latest version, 2006, provides integration with Visual Studio 2005. It also provides adapters for key applications in the industry. You should consider recommending this solution when you have a lot of system integration around key business processes. Host Integration Server Provides a server product for integrating with IBM mainframes. This includes connecting with data sources, messaging, and security. You should consider recommending this when you have to build an application that has a high degree of interoperability with IBM mainframes.
20: Case Scenario Answers
6. Tap the Advanced tab, and change the password security to High. This ensures that only the on-screen keyboard, and not the character pad or writing pad, can be used for password entry. Practice 3: Targeting Specific Recognition Errors In this practice, you will run through the target specific recognition errors routine. This routine is used to improve character recognition if Windows Vista consistently incorrectly identifies specific letters or words. To complete the practice, perform the following steps: 1. Open the Input Panel, tap on the Tools menu, and then tap on Personalize Handwriting Recognition. 2. Tap on Target Specific Recognition Errors. 3. On the Target Specific Recognition errors page, tap on Characters With Similar Shapes. 4. On the Choose A Character Set You Want To Target page, shown in Figure 14-17, tap on 0 D o O.
Domains and Forests
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