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The Roll Back Driver option
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Create and serialize remotable types.
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Monitoring and Troubleshooting DNS
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Figure 5-8
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For example, to grant the C:\Program Files\Mine\Mine.exe assembly full trust, you would run the following command:
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Figure 7-5 Using a WINS proxy
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Configuring Disaster Recovery
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Tip In most cases, you should use ISA Server policies when enabling VPN quarantine control. With RADIUS policies, you are limited to using packet filters to restrict access to the internal network while enabling access to the resources that the client requires in order to clear quarantine. If you use ISA Server policies, you can configure any access or publishing rule with the Quarantined VPN Clients network as the source address.
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You are working on a Windows Server 2003 system that has been upgraded from Microsoft Windows 2000 server. This server has a legacy SCSI RAID controller that is not Plug and Play. The device appears to be working perfectly but you cannot see it within the Device Manager. How can you view this device in the Device Manager A. Only Plug and Play devices can be viewed in the Device Manager. B. You must upgrade the driver for this device to one that supports Plug and Play. C. Disk drive and RAID controllers are not visible in the Device Manager. D. You must go to the View menu in Device Manager and select Show Hidden Devices.
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Configure, manage, and troubleshoot local user and group accounts.
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You can use the Items.Insert method to add an item to a specific index in the list. The index of items is a zero-based index, so the first item in the control is at index 0. When you add an item to an index that is already occupied by an item, that item and any items beneath it are shifted down one index. The following code shows how to insert an item to be third in the displayed list, assuming that the ListBox1 control is already populated with several items.
You are a database developer for Litware, Inc. Litware has scanned a large number of documents and is now storing them in varbinary(max) columns in the LitwareDoc database. The documents are Microsoft Office Word and Microsoft Office Excel documents. The database administrator has configured full-text indexes on the appropriate tables and has included the appropriate columns for each table. You need to define queries that retrieve the name and location of documents that include general phrases. You need to be able to query on a word such as author and also receive rows that include the words writer and contributor. You need to match rows with a similar meaning rather than exact terms. You do not want to match the word Litware even if it is entered as a search term; you want it to be ignored because it is in almost every document. You also need to return the rows with the most relevant rows at the top of the result set. Answer the following questions for your manager:
Figure 14-18: Selecting a restore point WARNING: YOUR WILL RESTART COMPUTER The next step in this exercise restarts your computer. Ensure that all your work is saved and any applications you are not currently using are closed before continuing.
Create an application that writes a single XML file for the Northwind Customers, Orders, and OrderDetails tables. Then create a second application that uses these three XML files as the data source to fill the project s DataSet. Create an application that uses the DataViewManager object to dis play the data from several DataTable objects on a form.
Platform Security
The INSERT statement provides you with the ability to add new rows to a table. Depending on the schema of the table, you may need to provide data for all or only a portion of the columns in the table. DEFAULT constraints, IDENTITY properties, and NULL settings may all affect the data requirements of your INSERT statements.
How to Use Permission Sets
This lesson describes how to create and configure Windows Forms. You will learn how to create forms and refer to them in code, alter the visual properties of the form, and control the behavior of the form at run time.
Includes event classes that are produced when tables and indexes are scanned
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