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Configuring Local Area Network (LAN) Connections
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Lesson Review
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Published in AD DS
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a. Task sequences can do things that answer files cannot. B. Creating an answer file in Deployment Workbench automatically creates a task qr code reader
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There s actually a fourth policy level: the Application Domain. Lesson 5 in this chapter explains more about application domains.
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Lesson 2 1. Correct Answer: A A. Correct: This Diskpart command converts the selected disk to a GPT disk. B. Incorrect: This Diskpart command converts the selected disk to an MBR disk. C. Incorrect: This Diskpart command converts a selected dynamic disk to a static disk. D. Incorrect: This Diskpart command converts a selected static disk to a dynamic disk. 2. Correct Answer: C A. Incorrect: This is a valid strategy for Windows 7 Enterprise or Ultimate edition, but you cannot make a VHD bootable on a computer running Windows 7 Home Premium. B. Incorrect: RAID-0 (disk striping) offers no fault tolerance and you cannot store operating system files on a RAID-0 volume. C. Correct: You can use a RAID-1 volume to mirror the disk that holds your operating system and provide fault tolerance. D. Incorrect: RAID-0 (disk striping) offers fault tolerance and failover protection. However, you cannot store operating system files on a RAID-5 volume. 3. Correct Answer: B A. Incorrect: Enabling this policy permits remote users to access removable storage devices in remote sessions. It does not deny all access to all types of external storage devices. B. Correct: Enabling this policy denies all access to all types of external storage devices. It overrides any access rights granted by other policies. C. Incorrect: Enabling this policy denies read access to USB removable disks, portable media players, and cellular phones. It does not deny all access to all types of external storage devices. D. Incorrect: Enabling this policy denies write access to USB removable disks, portable media players, and cellular phones. It does not deny all access to all types of external storage devices. 4. Correct Answer: B A. Incorrect: To create the largest possible RAID-0 (striped) volume, you omit the size parameter. Specifying a size of zero does not do this. B. Correct: This command creates the largest possible RAID-0 volume.
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Scope assignments let developers write to the cube space and overwrite the measure aggregation behavior. In general, however, calculated members do not have a default aggregation function. If you need to scope the expression at a certain level of a dimension at the leaf member level, for example and let the server aggregate the measure from that level up, it is probably better to use standard measure and scope assignments. Scope assignments are not covered in this book.
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Practice: Creating a Dynamic Distribution Group
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Lesson 3: Managing Reporting Services
USE master; GO
If you follow the guidance in this book, your application will generate errors when attacked. Generating an error is certainly much better than being exploited by an attacker, but the process of reporting errors can also become a vulnerability. To main tain security after an unexpected exception or other failure occurs, you must reduce the user s privileges (if necessary), record information about the error in a private loca tion, and provide as little information to the end user as possible.
Using pathping
Extending Microsoft SQL Server Functionality with the Spatial, Full-Text Search, and Service Broker
Real World
You cannot use file encryption on compressed resources. You cannot compress open files that are currently being accessed by applications or the operating system. When you uncompress compressed resources, the resulting files might exceed the available space on the storage volume. This problem can also occur when you move a compressed resource to another volume and compression is lost. To resolve this issue, you must increase the amount of empty drive space or move portions of the compressed data separately. You should not compress high-performance areas of a volume, such as system folders, databases, and video game directories. If the user has compressed the entire volume, recommend that the user undo the compression and then recom press files and folders on a case-by-case basis. You can enable color coding of compressed and encrypted files for easy identification.
' VB - Requires reference to System.Drawing ' Create point Dim p As New System.Drawing.Point(20, 30) ' Move point diagonally p.Offset(-1, -1) Console.WriteLine("Point X {0}, Y {1}", p.X, p.Y) // C# - Requires reference to System.Drawing // Create point System.Drawing.Point p = new System.Drawing.Point(20, 30); // Move point diagonally p.Offset(-1, -1); Console.WriteLine("Point X {0}, Y {1}", p.X, p.Y);
Any resources configured manually make both the resource and the device unavailable for automatic configuration. This limits the ability of Windows Server 2003 to make adjustments to resource allocation and might lead to problems with other devices.
Lesson Review
Quick Check Answers
Figure 11-4 Form appearance after call to the GetVistaImage Web method
Scalability, lack of a 15-hop limit, faster convergence times, less use of network bandwith, and loopfree OSPF-calculated routes.
Practice 1: Installing Exchange Server Using Graphical Tools
static void Main(string[] args)
When you specify a backup job, the resulting backup set is held in the backup location in a .bkf file. You cannot modify this file directly, but you can create another backup job with the same file name and then configure the settings in Backup Job Information dialog box to choose whether the new backup overwrites or is appended to the existing backup set. Figure 12-6 shows these options.
Power button
There are many uses of the OPENROWSET function, including using the function as a target of an INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE query. For example, you can use this function to make a flat file appear to be a table and then you can treat the file as a table by using joins, WHERE clauses, SELECT statements, and so on without having to load the data in a table first. Or you can use OPENROWSET with a different data provider to allow a SQL query to see data in an Analysis Services Measure Group as a flattened table, and all the same uses apply. However, the focus of this chapter and lesson is importing data from files. To use OPENROWSET to bulk load XML data, you use the BULK option, which lets you specify where to start and end reading data, how to deal with errors, and how to interpret data. For example, when importing a single XML document into a column of one row, you specify the BULK option along with the SINGLE_BLOB format. A sample statement to perform this task is the following:
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