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Personal Folder File (.pst) Choose this if you need to organize and back up your Outlook data. These data files can be read only by Outlook. Only the content is preserved; permissions, rules, forms, views, and descriptions are not preserved. Tab-Separated Values (DOS) Choose this if you need to export the data so that it can later be imported into a third-party e-mail client. Tab-Separated Values (Windows) Choose this if you need to export a file for use in Word, PowerPoint, or third-party applications.
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Develop with the Windows Ribbon, Part 2 329
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'Execute the command cmd2.ExecuteNonQuery() Catch ex As Exception
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Suggested Practices
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A user on a small office workgroup has returned from a weeklong vacation. She starts her computer, and everything seems to be functional. As the day progresses, she accesses data from a workgroup file server and prints to a network printer. Later, she tries to access another workgroup resource: a printer that is attached to a user s com puter in the office upstairs, but she receives an error saying that the printer cannot be found. She reports that the network cable is connected and that she can access other resources on the network. What is the first thing you should do A. Check the status of the network router.
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the page when you first open Internet Explorer each day (or each session). This might be nec essary for corporate users who have to check for daily changes to the company s website. Automatically
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Memory grant queue waits
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Implementing ISA Server 2004, Enterprise Edition
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Characteristics of Shared Folder Permissions
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The default gateway is set to the address of the local computer.
Lesson 2: implementing Full-text Search
Lesson 1 Review
Private Addressing
Router (Default Gateway)
Lesson 3: Analyzing the Existing Directory Structure
Microsoft Clustering Service
2. What IP address is assigned to the ICS host
Naming User Accounts
Practice 2 Practice browsing the SQL Server hierarchy and executing cmdlets in a SQL Server PowerShell session.
1. What is the process of rearranging files and folders into contiguous blocks called
The FORMAT clause is normally an optional parameter. This parameter writes a new media header to each media set, overwriting the previous header and invalidating any other backups contained on the media. However, the FORMAT clause is required for a mirrored backup.
Understanding Windows Server 2003 Networks
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