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Aside from the environment variables, I also use abbreviations for the various root keys in the registry. HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE are unwieldy, for example, and cause lines to wrap in funny places. To make the book more readable, I use the following instead: HKCR HKCU HKLM HKU HKCC HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT HKEY_CURRENT_USER HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE HKEY_USERS HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG
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The COM component should be rewritten using the .NET Framework. The database connections should be encrypted. generate data matrix barcode
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Page 8-49
Installing Windows XP
About the CD-ROM
Mistakes happen whether due to your own silly errors or users' meddling with the registry when they shouldn't. Nothing can happen that warrants large doses of anti anxiety drugs, however. Ninety nine times out of 100, the tools you learn about in this chapter can prevent or overcome any registry error. Because I know how to use these tools, there's only been one time when I busted a computer so badly that I gave up and reinstalled Microsoft Windows XP. The sad part is that after spending hours reinstalling the operating system and incumbent applications, I discovered an easy fix for the problem. Most of these tools have a higher calling than just backing up and protecting the registry. They're features that push the reliability of Windows XP far beyond the levels of earlier versions of Windows. System Restore ensures that you can roll back the configuration of Windows XP to an earlier snapshot, which the operating system makes automatically. Other features that make Windows XP more stable include Device Driver Rollback, Error Reporting, and Windows Driver Protection. See for the "Reliability Improvements in Windows XP Professional" white paper. In this chapter, I show you many ways to restore a configuration, and you won't need all of them. Pick the one or two techniques that work for you and stick with them. In particular, decide which of the methods you're going to use to protect the registry while editing it. I prefer to save keys to hive files before making changes to the registry, but you might prefer to make backup copies of individual values. Also, you definitely want to know about System Restore and how to fix troublesome settings. The last part of this chapter describes the advanced troubleshooting tools, which you turn to only when things are so fouled up that you have no other choice. Many of these tools require advance preparation. For example, to restore a backup copy of the registry, you must have made a backup. Likewise, to use Automated System Recovery, you must have created the disk. Thus, don't come to this chapter just when you have a problem. Read it first in preparation for problems that hopefully won't come.
' VB ' Adds the FileToolStripMenuItem
1. Scott Bishop is a power user at a remote site that includes 20 users. The site has a Windows Server 2003 system providing file and print servers. There is a tape drive installed on the system. Because there is no local, full-time administrator at the site, you want to allow Scott to back up and restore the server. However, you want to minimize the power and the privileges that Scott obtains, limiting his capabili ties strictly to backup and restore. What is the best practice to provide Scott the minimum necessary credentials to achieve his task
Figure 6-6
This query would return 12 results, which are ordered according to the Total Due, from largest to smallest, in Table 2-3.
Lesson 2: Recovering Messaging Data
Before You Begin
An Example Test Case
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