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Active Directory automatically builds transitive, two-way trusts between parent and child domains in a domain tree. When a child domain is created, a trust relationship is automatically configured between that child domain and the parent domain. This trust is two-way, meaning that resource access requests can flow from either domain to the other. In other words, both domains trust one another.
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D. Correct: The forest functional level must be at least Windows Server 2003 before adding an RODC. E. Correct: You must run Adprep /rodcprep before adding the first RODC to a domain. F. Incorrect: You already have a Windows Server 2008 domain controller, so you have already run Adprep /forestprep. 3. Correct Answer: C A. Incorrect: RODCs are not required to implement fine-grained password policies. B. Incorrect: The Dfsrmig.exe command configures DFS-R of SYSVOL. C. Correct: Windows Server 2008 forest functional level is required for fine-grained password policies. D. Incorrect: Fine-grained password policies are not managed with the GPMC.
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A global catalog server is a domain controller that maintains a subset of Active Directory object attributes that are most commonly searched for by users or client computers, such as a user s logon name. Global catalog servers provide two important functions. They allow users to log on to the network, and they allow users to locate Active Direc tory objects anywhere in a forest without referring to specific domain controllers that store the objects. The Active Directory is composed of three partitions:
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Estimated lesson time: 90 minutes
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Creating Usage Reports
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1. You configure an alert to trigger if the Pages/Sec counter value is 25 or greater. To which event log does the alert write an event if it is triggered A. System B. Security C. Application D. Directory service
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Location Paris, France Departments Represented Headquarters (HQ) Management staff Finance Sales Marketing Production Research Development Information Technology (IT) Sales Marketing Finance IT Customer Service Customer Support Training Research Development Sustained Engineering IT Consulting Production Sales Finance Number of Users 2,000
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Connecting to a computer running ISA Server 2000 or ISA Server 2004, or a server running Windows RRAS
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Moving Mailboxes and Implementing Bulk Management
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Lesson 3
Group Policy has several extensions that you can use to configure GPOs. In fact, each of the different nodes that you see in the Group Policy editor is an extension. By default, the editor loads 130
5. If you have multiple network adapters or multiple IP addresses associated with the network you selected, you can configure the specific IP address on which this Web listener will listen by clicking the Address tab to display the External Network Listener IP Selection dialog box, shown in Figure 8-4. In this dialog box, you can configure the ISA Server computer to listen on all IP addresses or only some IP addresses associated with the selected network.
Configuring Database Files and Filegroups
OpenFileDialog loadMessage = new OpenFileDialog();
Domain local groups exist on domain controllers and are used to control access to resources located on domain controllers in the local domain (for mem ber servers and workstations, you use local groups on those systems instead). Domain local groups share the following characteristics:
BinarySecurityToken Used to pass binary authentication tokens such as Ker beros Tickets and X.509 Certifications. Generally, using BinarySecurityToken will be more secure than using UsernameToken. BinarySecurityToken contains only an encoded binary value. The following example illustrates a Kerberos ticket (note the ValueType attribute):
To manage system services on the computer running ISA Server, follow this procedure: 1. Open the Services console from the Administrative Tools folder. 2. Right-click the service that you are configuring and click Properties.
The following code snippet illustrates how to get the status of a Lat-Long location report:
Designing a Windows 7 Client Deployment strategy 219
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