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Deploying an Application
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Table 8-3
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matrix.RotateAt(m.Rotation, actualCenter.X, actualCenter.Y);
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In 3 and 4, you used the CSVDE command to import users and groups. For more information about CSVDE, including details regarding its parameters and usage to export directory objects, type csvde / or search the Windows Server 2008 Help and Support Center.
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Case Scenario Answers
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How to Specify the Encoding Type when Reading a File
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1. What are the three methods of replication 2. What are the five agents used in replication 3. What are the three types of data conflicts 4. What are the two roles a database can have within a replication architecture 5. What are the core components of replication
Local continuous replication (LCR) works on a single mailbox server by using asynchronous log shipping and log replay to create and maintain a copy of a storage group on a second set of disks. A mailbox server configured with LCR can survive the failure of a disk array, though it cannot survive the failure of the server itself. LCR has one limitation that is worth noting. LCR restricts a storage group so that it contains exactly one database. If you attempt to use LCR on a storage group that contains more than one database, the operation will fail. LCR also cannot be used with public folder databases, though this is less of a problem as public folders will replicate automatically to any other public folder database in the organization and the feature is deprecated in Exchange Server 2007.
Description The CAST and CONVERT functions let you convert between data types. CONVERT is especially useful because it lets you change formatting when converting certain types (for example, datetime) to strings. The DAY, MONTH, and YEAR functions return the numeric value corresponding to the day, month, or year represented by a datetime data type. The DATENAME function returns the localized name for whatever part of the date is specified. The REPLACE function replaces occurrences of a substring in a string with another string.
After this lesson, you will be able to
The typical use case for remoting events is in scenarios where different applica tions are running, applications that reference each other and are running on the same machine. Because events are only useful when listeners are wired up to respond to them, scalability is seriously decreased as the number of listeners increases. This limi tation means that an application that performs well with, for instance, 10 clients might come to a crashing halt when 30 clients are added. Due to the number of different variables that can affect this, it s next to impossible to determine the breaking point in advance. If you know an application will be distributed to mul tiple clients, using events is ill-advised. Listening to events involves a server component being coupled with a client component and vice versa. This arrangement makes the application very suscep tible to failures outside of the application. The only responsible way to address this is through complex and sophisticated exception handling. This exception handling greatly complicates the code and makes maintenance much more dif ficult. Any point on the network might fail (such as the switch, the server, or the net work card); however, the client is not necessarily notified of this failure. If the cli ent application makes infrequent calls to the server this failure can be particularly problematic. The client application might be expecting notifications for events, yet the server is no longer responding. The latency between the server failure and client notification can be very troublesome. There are solutions, such as polling, but these all entail an additional layer of complexity that greatly com plicates the code logic and makes maintenance much more difficult.
You use the quiet option to avoid having to confirm the backup operation. Note that the restore will take some time to complete.
To help successfully master the objectives covered in this chapter, complete the following task.
// If more lines exist, print another page
You are a desktop support technician (DST) for a consulting firm that has five employ ees. Currently, all users have notebook computers running Windows XP Professional and are configured as members of a workgroup. A user recently added a wireless network adapter so that he can connect to networks at airports, coffee shops, and hotels. He would like to use Windows Firewall to prevent unwanted guests from attempting to connect to shared folders across wireless networks. However, he still needs to be able to share files with other users across his wired network adapter when connected to the office network. What do you recommend A. When connecting to wireless networks, the user should select the Don t Allow Exceptions check box on the Windows Firewall properties. B. When connecting to wireless networks, disable Windows Firewall. C. Configure different exceptions for the wired network adapter and the wireless network adapter. D. Configure multiple profiles to create two firewall policies: one for wireless networks and one for the internal network.
Lesson 2: Configuring Windows Contacts and Windows Calendar
It is not possible to give absolute values for thresholds. The number of messages queued for submission that triggers an alert in one organization might be perfectly normal and acceptable in another. This depends on many factors, for example, normal levels of message traffic, server resources, or business requirements. You can make this type of judgment only by baselining and determining typical counter values. For example, if you have captured a baseline that tells you that the typical value in a particular queue counter during a busy period is 100, you might decide to set an alert threshold of 200 for that counter. Setting threshold alerts is discussed in the next section of this lesson. In addition, you frequently need the information from two or more counters to make a judgment. For example, if the value in the Receive Queue Size counter is high but the value in the Messages Delivered/sec is also high, your server is probably experiencing a traffic spike and is operating normally. If, on the other hand, the value in the Receive Queue Size counter is high but the value in the Messages Delivered/sec is low or zero, something is blocking message delivery, and you have a problem. If Exchange Server Performance Monitor triggers an alert because a queue threshold has been exceeded, you can use Queue Viewer to obtain further information. For example, excessive queue lengths can indicate spam or DoS attacks, particularly if many of the messages are from the same source or have the same recipient. In this case, you delete the messages without sending NDRs, and it is probably a good idea to look at your e-mail security settings.
An Excel 2003 user reports that he needs to build his own equations by picking symbols from a toolbar, as well as by typing numbers and variables. You determine that he needs the Equation Editor, which is not currently installed on his computer. What should you do A.
Which of the following subheadings beneath an SCCM 2007 package must you configure for a software distribution to occur successfully (Choose all correct answers.)
You can prevent most upgrade-specific problems by taking a few measures before
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