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A Reporting Services installation includes the report server catalog, which contains all the metadata necessary to run reporting services, including the encrypted report definitions, encrypted data sources, and site and report security settings. The Reporting Services Configuration Manager tool helps in the setup of an SSRS instance after installation, including setup of virtual directories, service accounts, Report Server database access, and encryption keys. The RSConfig.exe command-line utility provides SSRS connection administration to the Report Server databases, ReportServer and ReportServerTempDB. The RSKeyMgmt.exe command-line utility helps manage encryption keys for backup, restore, scale-out instance management, and deletion of encrypted content. The RS.exe command-line utility provides a way to run SSRS script files at a command line. The SSRS encryption keys need to be backed up to an .snk file and stored securely to allow for a restore at a later point in the case of a sever failure or a reconfiguration of hardware. SSRS can be implemented in a scale-out architecture by sharing the report server catalog between multiple instances of the report server. The Reporting Services Configuration Manager tool can synchronize the encryption keys between the servers in order to access the shared catalog, or you can use the RSKeyMgmt.exe and RSConfig.exe command-line utilities to set up the scale-out environment. Reporting Services uses several configuration files for advanced settings and management. The main file is the RSReportServer.config file, which contains service settings, Report Manager settings, rendering device properties, delivery method settings, and so on.
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Sharing Tab Options
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Each type of printer is represented on the print server as a logical printer. The logical printer defines the characteristics and behavior of the printer. It contains the driver, printer settings, print setting defaults and other properties that control the manner in which a print job is processed and sent to the chosen printer. This virtualization of the printer by a logical printer allows you to exercise extraordinary creativity and flexibility in configuring your print services.
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Exercise 1: Generating Keys for Delayed Signing
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11. Double-click the policy: Configure Automatic Updates.
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After this lesson, you will be able to: Define the purpose of the five single master operations in Active Directory forests. Identify the domain controllers performing operations master roles. Plan the placement of operations master roles. Transfer and seize operations master roles. Estimated lesson time: 45 minutes
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figure 1-2 Start the Import And Export Wizard by right-clicking the database in SSMS and then clicking Tasks.
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You will be able to identify that a user (Administrator) accessed an object (Domain Admins) and used a Write Property access. The property itself is displayed as a globally unique identifier (GUID) you cannot readily identify that the member attribute was changed. The event also does not detail the change that was made to the property. You will now enable Directory Service Changes auditing, a new feature of Windows Server 2008. 17. Open a command prompt and type the following command:
Managing Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Disk Storage
In the following case scenario, you will apply what you ve learned in this chapter. You can find answers to these questions in the Answers section at the end of this book. A company has data in several flat files that it loads into its Logging table once per week. The IT team does the load during a weekly maintenance window, during which it also performs backups. Members of the team want to do the backups after the data load is complete, but they have found that the database log files are nearly full after about 70 percent of the files are loaded. Therefore, they have to complete a log backup before the loading can finish, which puzzles the database administrators (DBAs) because they are setting the recovery model of the database to Bulk-Logged before the loads start. The Logging table contains five weeks worth of logs, and before the latest week is loaded, the oldest week is deleted. The company is currently working on a partitioning strategy, but needs help in the meantime. The company is loading the data by using the BULK INSERT command. The Logging table has a clustered index on the primary key, which is an identity column, and four nonclustered indexes. You review the loading scripts and find that the BULK INSERT commands are not using any hints and that the scripts do not do anything to the table except delete and bulk insert data. You also find that the beginning and ending identity value for each week s load is stored in another table. What should you do to help minimize logging during the data loads
9. In the System Properties dialog box, on the Advanced tab, click Environment Variables. 10. In the Environment Variables dialog box, ensure that the test variable appears in the User Variables For Administrator list. 11. Close the Environment Variables dialog box, and then close the System Properties dialog box.
You can implement ISerialization to perform custom serialization. BinaryFormatter provides four events that you can use to control parts of the serialization process: OnSerializing, OnSerialized, OnDeserializing, and OnDeserialized. The StreamingContext class, an instance of which is provided to methods called during serialization events, gives you information about the origin or planned destination of the serialization process. The method performing serialization must specify this information for it to be useful. Though few developers will require total control over serialization, you can implement the IFormatter or IGenericFormatter interfaces to create custom formatters.
You are a desktop administrator for Trey Research, a small consulting firm. Recently, work that your firm did in 1999 has been subpoenaed for a lawsuit that one of your former clients is involved in. The files identified by the court order had been stored on a Windows 98 laptop computer that you decommissioned in 2001. However, you still have a copy of a backup file you made with the Windows 98 Msbackup tool. Unfortunately, the Backup Utility on your Windows XP Professional computer reports the following error message: Unrecognized Media: The Backup File Contains Unrecognized Data And Cannot Be Used. How can you restore the file Choose the correct answer. A. You cannot restore the file because it has been corrupted. B. Install Windows 98 on a computer and use that computer to restore the backup. C. Use an administrator account to take ownership of the files and grant your user account Read permission. D. Decrypt the file using the administrator password from the Windows 98 computer, and then restore the file normally.
1. How can you accomplish the requirements to present consolidated inventory to customers on the Web site with minimal development effort and the best secu rity features A. Replicate the inventory data to the central office. B. Expose the inventory data using an HTTP endpoint. C. Expose the inventory data using a TCP endpoint. D. Use Service Broker to pull inventory from each winery.
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