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Table 6-2
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There are two ways to end a remote session:
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Lock:Deadlock Chain
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range of ANSI/ISO encodings.
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static void Main(string[] args)
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Figure 15-9 Use the Properties dialog box for a modem to configure and troubleshoot the modem.
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When defining the IP address range of a scope, you should use the consecutive addresses that make up the subnet for which you are enabling the DHCP service. However, you should also be sure to exclude from this defined range any addresses of stat ically configured computers already existing on your network. To exclude predefined addresses, you can simply choose to limit the scope range so that it does not include any statically assigned addresses. Alternatively, you can configure a scope that makes up the entire subnet and then immediately define exclusion ranges (see the next sec tion) for all of the subnet s statically addressed computers. One common method for handling the need for both static and dynamically assigned addresses within an address range is to reserve the first 10 addresses within any subnet for statically addressed servers and to begin the DHCP scope with the eleventh address. For example, in the subnet, you can keep the addresses through for your statically addressed servers, such as your DHCP server, your DNS server, your WINS server, and other servers with addresses that should not change. You can then define the addresses through as the range for the subnet s DHCP scope. (In another common imple mentation, the first 20 addresses are reserved for statically addressed servers.)
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string variables makes it easier to maintain template files that use the same strings more than once. More importantly, it makes localization of template files far easier and much less error prone. Define strings at the end of your template file in the [strings] section. The format of each string is name="string". You must enclose the string in double quotation marks. To use string variables in your template file, use the format !!name. Each time the Group Policy editor sees !! name, it substitutes the string for the name. Incidentally, the !! makes searching template files for strings easy just search the file for the double exclamation marks. The following listing is an example of how strings and string variables are used in template file: Listing 6 3: example.adm
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Now you can enhance the report you just created and redeploy it by using Report Manager.
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Lesson 3: Populating a Full-Text Index
Lesson 3: Configuring Access Rule Elements
Introduction to the Sensor and Location Platform
Select the (70-443) Designing a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Database Server Infrastructure lesson review to use the questions from the Lesson Review sections of this book. Select the (70-443) Designing a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Database Server Infrastructure practice test to use a pool of 275 questions similar to those in the 70-443 certification exam
Why This Matters
Lesson 1: Validating Data and Permissions
If you define the static IP address pool as a distinct subnet (or set of subnets) logically separate from the subnets to which the remote access server is directly connected, you must configure the routers on your network with information about the new subnet. This configuration is identical to the configuration you would perform if you added a logical subnet to the remote access server s physical network segment. Specifically, the routers on your network must forward packets destined for the remote clients to the remote access server s network segment. For information on configuring routing pro tocols and static routes, see 9, Routing with Windows Server 2003.
11: Case Scenario Answers
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