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understanding the DMX Language
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Lesson 3 Review
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Generate a strongly typed DataSet. Use the OleDbDataAdapter object to access an ADO Recordset or record. Generate DataAdapter commands automatically, using the CommandBuilder object. Generate DataAdapter commands programmatically. Populate a DataSet with a DataAdapter. Update the database with a DataAdapter. Resolve conflicts between a DataSet and a database, using the DataAdapter. Respond to changes made to data at the data source by using DataAdapter events.
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Subnet 2 (100 megabit Ethernet)
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The important clause of each statement is the ON clause. To partition a table or index, instead of specifying a filegroup, you specify a partition scheme. To understand this, following is a code sample:
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You can now manage your deployment using the features and utilities provided by MDT 2010 with SCCM features such as client discovery and client integration methods to provide a fully automated deployment that requires no user intervention. Note MORE INFO: SCCM 2007 AND SOFTWARE UPDATE INSTALLATION For more information about using SCCM 2007 and the built-in ConfigMgr Install Software Updates task sequence, see Installing an Image Manually Sometimes you do not want to use sophisticated deployment tools such as MDT 2010, SCCM 2007, or WDS. Suppose, for example, you have installed a computer running Windows 7 on your small office/home office (SOHO) network, generalized the installation using Sysprep, and created a bootable Windows PE DVD-ROM disk (or bootable USB hard disk or flash memory) by using the Copype.cmd script. You have copied the ImageX tool into the Iso subdirectory on the Windows PE media, booted your computer into Windows PE, and used ImageX to create a WIM image of your computer installation. You have booted into the Windows PE environment and used ImageX to capture an image of your computer. You have copied the resulting WIM file on to your Windows PE media (and you might have used DISM to add additional drivers if you wanted). You now want to apply this customized image to the hard disks of two new computers you have purchased without operating systems. You boot each computer in turn from the Windows PE media and use ImageX to install the image. Your final step, to make the image bootable, is to use BCDboot from Windows PE to initialize the BCD store and copy boot environment files to the system partition. When you reboot each new computer, it will boot into Windows 7 and will have the same settings Configured and applications installed as your original computer. Take care you are not violating any licensing conditions. Practice: Downloading, Installing, and Configuring MDT 2010 In this practice, you download the MDT 2010 installation and documentation files and then install the toolkit. You use the Deployment Workbench tool to create a Distribution Share and install an image. Note THE MDT 2010 INTERFACE At the time of this writing, MDT 2010 is in beta. Therefore, its eventual interface might vary from what you see in this book.
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// C# Xml.XmlText aText = new Xml.XmlText("Text1"); // Changes the value of the text element to 'Text2' aText.Value = "Text2";
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With gestures, you can also override the default panning behavior. For example, the default touch scrolling is designed to work in text-centric windows that scroll primarily vertically, such as with Web pages or documents, where dragging horizontally selects text rather than scrolling the page. In most applications, this works just fine. But what if your application needs to support horizontal scrolling Also, for some applications the default scroll can appear chunky, going too fast or too slow. With gesture support, you can override the default panning behavior and optimize it for your application s needs.
6. In the Designer, select TextBox2 and double-click the space next to the DragEnter event in the Properties window to create the default event handler for the TextBox2.DragEnter event. 7. Add the following code to the Textbox1_DragEnter event handler:
Case Scenario 1: Saving User Settings
Page 7-12
After you specify the general options for the tuning session, click the Tuning Options tab (see Figure 15-15).
Designing a Data Access Strategy
To implement a more predictable outcome, use two-part names, or use table aliases in the query.
//C# using System.Data; using System.Data.SqlClient; 'VB Imports System.Data Imports System.Data.SqlClient
Figure 13-13
Install the snap-ins without installing AD CS
SELECT TOP 2 [Name] FROM MyServerName.AdventureWorks.HumanResources.Department FOR XML AUTO
When authenticating to remote computers using the System.Net.Security.NegotiateStream or System.Net.Security.SslStream classes, the .NET Framework will throw an exception if either the client or server cannot be properly authenticated. Therefore, you should always be prepared to catch one of the following exceptions when using NegotiateStream or SslStream:
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