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TCP/IP Overview
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Appendix B
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Implement Subqueries
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Manage documents by opening the print queue window.
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configurations are applied only when you execute a package in the debug mode; they are not applied when you are designing your package.
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Figure 13-20
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Exercise 5: Monitor Security Compliance
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2. List the specific policies you should configure to meet the requirements listed and how you would configure them. You should configure the following policies:
Configuring DHCP Servers and Clients
6. Add code to create a DataAdapter below the NorthwindConnection.
Figure 5-3 Use the Settings tab to control the color quality and screen resolution of the desktop.
Table 1-1
Exercise 2: Determining the Default NTFS Permissions for a Folder
Default security (Setup security.inf) Domain controller default security (DC security.inf) Compatible (Compatws.inf) Secure (Secure*.inf) Highly secure (Hisec*.inf) System root security (Rootsec.inf) Auditing of Internet Explorer security (Iesacls.inf)
Quick check
Business Objects
Windows Server 2003 supports three file systems: FAT, FAT32, and NTFS. Let s keep this discussion simple: use FAT or FAT32 only when you have very specific reasons for doing so. Only NTFS gives you the level of stability, resiliency, scalability, flexibility, and security required by most organizations. Many core components of Windows Server 2003, such as file security, and services, including Active Directory and Remote Installation Services (RIS), require NTFS. All advanced storage management tasks, including multidisk volumes and disk quotas, require NTFS. If you think you need FAT or FAT32, think again, and then think again.
ory, processor, and physical disk counters. You then launch the applications that are
How to Create a Foreign Key Constraint
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