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Group Accounts
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1. The SQL Server service runs under the context of a service account with the user name PaschkeDorena. The server name is DataServer01. Which of the following is a valid password for this account A. P@$s4 B. PaschkeDorena C. breakfast14 D. U&&peK@2378 2. What SQL Server 2005 tool do you open to access the Logins folder by using Object Explorer A. SQL Server Management Studio B. SQL Server Surface Area Configuration C. SQL Server Configuration Manager D. SQL Server Profiler 3. You are a domain administrator, and you also carry out database administration tasks. You want to delegate control of the SQL Server member servers to other database administrators. What is your initial step A. Put all the SQL Server member servers in a Windows security group. B. Put all the SQL Server member servers in an OU. C. Grant all the database administrators accounts membership of the sysadmin role on the SQL Server member servers. D. Put the SQL Server member servers into an MSCS cluster. 4. Which of the following encryption algorithms can you specify when generating an asymmetric key pair (Choose all that apply.) A. RSA_512 B. DES C. RSA_1024 D. RSA_2048 E. TRIPLE_DES 5. Your SQL Server 2005 member servers obtain service packs and security updates from a WSUS server. What could the WSUS server access to obtain these service packs and security updates (Choose all that apply.)
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7. If you like, the command is also available in the bcpImportCommand.txt file. Simply copy it to the command prompt and run it. You should get a message saying that 500 rows were imported. The message also tells you how long the import took and how many rows per second it extrapolates to.
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3. Create a domain local security group named Contractors Restricted Access. Add the Project Contractors global group as a member. 4. Configure the Project 101 folder to deny Full Control to the Contractors Restricted Access group.
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A. Incorrect: There are no AutoSave files in Microsoft Office.
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3. After researching the Stop error on Marcel s computer, you have determined that a damaged paging file is causing the stop error. You need to remove the paging file from Marcel s computer. How would you do this
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Lesson Summary
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column being sorted by does not contain any duplicate values within the result set.
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Figure 4-9
Configuring and Publishing XML Web Services
10 Review
Monitor real-time performance data Record performance data into a log file Configure system and performance data alerts
Initialize a secondary database. Configure log shipping options. Configure a log shipping mode. Configure monitoring.
Objective 1.1
Practice: Modifying Group Membership
Namespace LabConsumer Class Program Shared Sub Main() RemotingConfiguration.Configure( _
Special Folders
1. On a Domain Controller running DNS, what logs will Event Viewer display by default What are these logs, and what data do they collect
Table 1-7
In the address box, type Linkid=196897 and press Enter. Click the Play button in the video window to start the clip.
Managing Computer Accounts
Click Next. The Specify The Product Key Needed To Install This Operating System page appears, as shown in Figure 7-6. To specify an individual Windows 7 product key or a Multiple Activation Key (MAK) for the installation, select the appropriate option and type the key in the text box provided.
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