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Update Management Infrastructure
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3. Run your application. First verify that it can successfully display a text file. Then provide an invalid filename, and verify that a message box appears when an invalid filename is provided. 4. Next add overloaded exception handling to catch System.IO.FileNotFoundException and System.UnauthorizedAccessException. The following code sample demonstrates this:
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File classes define behaviors common to all files that share that file name extension. By customizing file associations, you can specify which application opens a file, add commands to the shortcut menu, or even specify a custom icon that Windows Explorer will use for that type of file. File associations have two parts. The first is a file extension key, HKCR\.ext. When Windows XP needs information about a file type, it looks up this key. The default value of the file extension key contains the name of the program class associated with it, which is the second part. Program classes are in HKCR\progid, where progid is the program ID of the application. The default value of progid contains the friendly name of the application. For example, the file extension key HKCR\.txt has a default value of txtfile. Look in HKCR\txtfile to find the program class associated with it, and you'll find the description Text File. Figure A 1 illustrates this relationship with the .ani file extension.
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Logon Rights Available in Windows XP Professional
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Choose This Option To
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Windows XP provides a number of TCP/IP tools for troubleshooting network connectivity problems. You should be familiar with the following tools:
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Lesson 2: Troubleshooting TCP/IP Connections . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3-19
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Wildcard and Character Ranges Used in Regular Expressions
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C. Incorrect.: Password policies apply domain-wide. Password policies applied at
Lesson 1: Configuring Mobile Display Settings
Saving trace data to a file
Suggested Practices
No additional configuration is required for this chapter.
Netsh>ipsec static
Using express messaging means that messages are stored in random access memory (RAM) during routing and delivery, providing extremely fast performance but no recoverability if any computer through which the message passes should fail. Notably, express messages are lost whenever the Message Queuing service is stopped. Too many express messages accumulating in RAM can cause paging out to disk, lead ing to performance degradation. Thus, you should not store more express messages than physical memory can hold. Express messages can, however, survive a network failure. For example, if a message queuing application sends express messages through a Message Queuing server and the network link between the Message Queuing server and the destination computer fails, the Message Queuing server continues to store the messages in memory. How ever, if the Message Queuing server fails before the network link is restored, the express messages are lost.
ence when working with the encryption settings especially because passwords cannot be included in the package file in clear text. Particularly when you are working in a team environment, the encryption settings can be challenging because the default protection level is EncryptSensitiveWithuserKey. So if you want to pass the development of a package to someone else, that person will see an error the first time he or she tries to open it. My favorite approach is to create a consistent SSIS configuration environment on every computer that will be running the packages, whether that is on a development workstation, a development server, a quality assurance (QA) server, a test server, or a production computer. The configuration can be an XML file or a registry entry, as long as it has the passwords included for any connection that does not allow Windows Authentication. With this configuration in place, you can change the ProtectionLevel setting to DontSaveSensitive for all your packages, and when the package executes, it gets the password from the configuration entry. Some people do not like this approach because the password is still available somewhere. But the bottom line is that the password has to be stored somewhere, and the configuration location you choose needs that extra level of security, whether that means putting file restrictions on it or locking down the SQL Server table where it exists.
Creating Partitions and Volumes
Optimizing SQL Server 2005 Performance
Lesson 1: Logging Events
After you have created site links, the ISTG will use the topology to build an intersite replication topology connecting each site. Connection objects will be built to configure the intersite replication paths. These connection objects are created automatically, and although you can create connection objects manually, few scenarios require manually creating intersite connection objects.
Lesson 2: Evaluating the Integration, Stress, and Performance Test Strategies
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