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3. Which of the following advanced boot options loads only the basic devices and drivers required to start the computer and access the network A. Safe Mode B. Safe Mode With Networking C. Last Known Good Configuration D. Safe Mode With Command Prompt
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19. Which functions on the Action menu are available for the domain1.local zone through the COMPUTER2 node that are not available on the Action menu for the same zone through the COMPUTER1 node
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Lesson 3: Designing Security for Remote Access Users . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-25
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The Microsoft Windows user interface (UI) design is one of those items that is frequently baffling. By default, Windows XP has an option under the Start menu for both Log Off and Shut Down. This is interesting because I have never encountered a user who used the Log Off option. If you go to a computer running the Microsoft Windows 2000 Server or Windows Server 2003 operating sys tem, there is a single option by default: Shut Down. This is an option that you almost never use. So, to get around the deficiency in the interface design for server operating systems, the first action that any administrator should perform is to enable the Log Off menu option. Right-click the taskbar, choose Properties, click the Start Menu tab, click Customize, click the Advanced tab, and select the check box next to Display Logoff. While you are configuring the Log Off option, enable the option button to Link To Network Con nection Folder. This is an option you ll want to use frequently that is not enabled by default on server operating systems.
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Press Enter to watch the package execute from the command line. If prompted with the Script Task Ran message box, click OK.
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2. Choose an appropriate subnet mask for hosts in this design. Choose the correct answer. a. /16 b. /19 c. /21 d. /24
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Imports System.Security
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Types of Networks
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After this lesson, you will be able to: Configure Windows Defender real-time protection. Configure and run a custom scan. Schedule a scan and specify actions to be taken based on the alert level of potential threats. Schedule spyware definition updates. Troubleshoot definition update issues and spyware removal. Use Software Explorer to manage applications. Estimated lesson time: 50 minutes
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After someone becomes familiar with using a Tablet PC computer, that person is likely to want to customize the way it reacts to the stylus to better suit his or her habits. Completing this practice requires that you have access to a Tablet PC computer with Windows Vista Business, Enterprise, Home Premium, or Ultimate edition installed. Practice 1: Customizing Pen Flicks In this practice, you will configure pen flicks. Pen flicks are used as navigation shortcuts, usually to scroll up or down a page or forward and back between pages in a web browser. You can assign other keystroke combinations to flips, where Windows Aero displays the window switching animation, and even create your own key combinations. This practice requires an attached keyboard if you have a Tablet PC slate or for you to have the computer in laptop mode if you have a convertible model. To complete the practice, perform the following steps: 1. Open the Control Panel, and switch to Classic View. 2. Open the Pen And Input Devices item, and navigate to the Flicks tab, as shown in Figure 14-13.
Exercise 2: Consider Hardware RAID
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End users need this permission to drill through from a mining structure to source cases. Note that for queries that drill through to data sources, an end user needs appropriate permissions on the data source as well as on the source database system. As with data source permissions, this permission controls access to the metadata of the structure. End users typically do not need this permission. With this permission, a user can process the structure. End users typically do not need this permission.
Correct Answers: C A. Incorrect: TCP port 25 is the IIS default port for SMTP. SMTP is used for transferring e-mail messages. B. Incorrect: TCP port 443 is the IIS default port for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). HTTPS adds SSL encryption to the standard HTTP protocol. C. Correct: IIS uses port 80, the Internet standard, as the default for HTTP. Web browsers automatically connect to Web servers on port 80. Therefore, if you specify a port other than 80 for Web services, you need to specify the port number as part of the Web site s URL. For example, if you change the port number to port 8080, the URL for the Web site becomes http://<your URL>:8080/. D. Incorrect: TCP port 21 is the IIS default port for FTP services. Port 21 is used only to authenticate users and accept commands FTP uses TCP port 20 for all file transfers.
Troubleshoot physical server performance Troubleshoot instance performance Troubleshoot database performance
Alternate Case: Confirmation Number Transaction Fails 1. Use case follows standard path to step 11. 2. The transaction to update the invoice with the accounting system confirmation number fails. 3. This error is most likely the result of the database being down. If so, the transaction can t be committed or cancelled. In addition, the accounting system has already been updated. Therefore, the system should log this condition; a help desk ticket with the details of the problem should also be generated. 4. Finally, the system should show the details of the failure to the user, indicating that the data might be corrupt. When you write these edge cases, it s important to remember that you re writing a use case and not a design specification. You can see from this last alternate use case that the author is trying to think through possible conditions that might arise and how they might get handled. The system could fail in the project system update, the accounting system update, or when the confirmation number is writing back to the invoice. You will want to write test cases to simulate each of these scenarios. This will ensure that you know exactly how your code will behave when these edge cases are encountered. It can often be helpful to have your testers review the use cases to help develop error cases. Testers will dig up many potential error scenarios with your code. Of course, often it s not practical to define a use case for every potential error condition. In fact, your users might not see the benefits of reviewing, refining, and signing off on all of these use cases; they might only be confused by the many additions to the standard path. In this event you may opt to draw a line between real user scenarios and these alternate, error cases. You can then save the latter for the test cases. We will now look at just how use cases and test cases can work together to drive higher quality.
26. Execute the queries and verify that the SELECT statements return two rows, and that the ModifiedDate column has a 15-second difference. 27. Navigate to the Replication, Local Publications, [ReplTesting]: Inventory publication. 28. Right-click the COMPUTERNAME.SubsTesting subscription and choose View Synchronization Status. 29. Click Start to initiate the Distribution Agent and synchronize the Publisher and the Subscriber. 30. Wait for the agent to replicate and then click Close. 31. Right-click the [ReplTesting]: Inventory publication and choose View Conflicts. 32. Double-click the Location(1) table. 33. In the Microsoft Replication Conflict Viewer, review the conflict winner and loser. The winner this time is the row updated at the Subscriber because it was the last one you updated. 34. Do not submit the winner or loser. Close the Microsoft Replication Conflict Viewer.
Import the System.ServiceModel.Channels namespace
13. View the graph, histogram, and report pages. The report, shown in Figure 1-10, is typically the most useful view. A more comprehensive log file containing more counters and saved in SQL Server database format gives more information. In Figure 1-10, the value for Pages/sec is high, but the values for Available Bytes and Buffer Cache Hit Ratio are at acceptable levels. Memory is under stress, but this is not affecting SQL Server operations. Other applications are running on the member server.
Configure Firewall Settings
2. A user wants to install a USB printer connected to her computer. The drivers for the printer are included with Windows Server 2003. Can she install the printer
Lesson 1: Creating a Data-Bound Form with the Data Sources Wizard . . . . . . . . . 411
Lesson Review . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-7
The correct answer, as you can probably deduce, is d. The computer has lost its secure channel with the domain.
Lesson Review
In the Cube Designer in BIDS, click the Partitions tab, shown in Figure 7-1.
After this lesson, you will be able to:
A. The contents of the Compress directory will be compressed. B. The contents of the Compress directory will be uncompressed. C. The contents of the Encrypt directory will be encrypted. D. The contents of the Encrypt directory will be unencrypted. E. The contents of the Indiperf directory will retain their individually tailored NTFS
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