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In this exercise, you verify that the new IP addresses have taken effect and that the two computers are communicating. 1. While you are logged on to Computer2 as Administrator, open a command prompt. 2. At the command prompt, type ipconfig and press Enter. The Ipconfig output appears. Next to IP Address, you will see the new alternate address that you have configured, 3. At the command prompt, type ping computer1. This command is used to verify a TCP/IP connection between two hosts. The output confirms not only that Computer1 and Computer2 are communicating through TCP/IP, but also that the IP address of Computer1 has been successfully changed to 4. Log off Computer2.
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For most authentication failures, however, Kerberos problems qualify as zebras, not horses. The far more common reason for post-authentication access failures is a lack of permissions. For file system access, the issue could be share permissions, NTFS permissions, or a combination of both. To test for share permission access, the troubleshooter can try accessing the files from the console (remotely or locally), rather than through a share. For NTFS permissions, which can originate from a variety of sources, including explicit assignments, inheritance from parent folders, and group memberships, you can use the Effective Permissions tab in the Advanced Security Settings dialog box, as shown in Figure 12-19, to display the accumulated result of permissions from all sources.
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In Exchange Server 2007, all non-SMTP e-mail addresses are considered to be custom addresses, and unique dialog boxes or property pages do not exist for X.400, GroupWise, or Lotus Notes e-mail address types. If you add a non-SMTP custom e-mail address, the appropriate dynamic-link library f iles need to be installed; otherwise, the following error will be logged in Event Viewer: The e-mail address description object in the Microsoft Exchange directory for the 'SADF' address type on 'i386' machines is missing.
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1. What is the most effective way to monitor printer usage when you are billing for printer use
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"VB Public ShipMethod As VendorHeader //C# public VendorHeader ShipMethod;
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8. On the Print Test Page page, shown in Figure 9-7, select Yes to print a test page, which is a single page of text and images that are designed to verify that the printer is functioning correctly and that the appropriate printer driver has been selected. Click Next.
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The answer to both questions lies in the design of the user interface. All commands and options should be exposed in the main menu, with menu options changing as the application conditions require. Frequently used commands should be segregated into
Questions and Answers
Lesson 3
From here, there s a tremendous amount of flexibility in how to approach managing these settings, but at a minimum you need to implement the IConfigurationSectionHandler interface. Specifically, you can retrieve items by attribute, element, or any combination thereof. Fortunately, this is a simple interface to implement and it only requires that one method be implemented namely, the Create method. With respect to implementation, though, there are an infinite number of ways to handle it. Let s use the example shown earlier where we were storing an Identifier and a SettingValue. This is a basic Key/Value pair, and it s used only for illustration. Now we need to create a class, which we ll name MyFirstSectionHandler, that implements the IConfigurationSectionHandler interface.
While logged on to the existing installation of Windows NT Workstation 3.51, run Winnt32.exe from the Windows XP Professional installation CD-ROM and choose to perform a New Installation. Answer the prompts during installation, but make certain to convert the existing boot partition to NTFS. When prompted, type the appropriate domain name, and then add the computer account to the domain by providing logon credentials for an account belonging to the Domain Administrators group. After Setup completes, open the Computer Management console, and then open the Disk Management snap-in and perform the appropriate actions to convert the second partition to NTFS.
Log File Location
Configuring Network Connectivity
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Managing Database Role Membership
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