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Creator Quick Response Code in .NET Asynchronous Specific Command Object Methods

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You can use the following questions to test your knowledge of the information in Lesson 2, Working with Sequential Lists. The questions are also available on the companion CD if you prefer to review them in electronic form.
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Understand How Your Code Will Be Consumed
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-scope {subtree | onelevel Optional. Specifies the scope of the search. A value of subtree indi| base} cates that the scope is a subtree rooted at StartNode. A value of onelevel indicates the immediate children of StartNode only. A value of base indicates the single object represented by StartNode. If forestroot is specified as StartNode, subtree is the only valid scope. By default, the subtree search scope is used. How to display the result set -o {dn | rdn | samid} Specifies the format in which the list of entries found by the search will be outputted or displayed. A dn value displays the distinguished name of each entry. An rdn value displays the relative distinguished name of each entry. A samid value displays the Security Accounts Manager (SAM) account name of each entry. By default, the dn format is used. Searches for users whose name attributes (value of CN attribute) matches Name. You can use wildcards. For example, jon* or *ath or j*th would each produce a result set that includes users named Jonathan. Searches for users whose description attribute matches Description. You can use wildcards. Searches for users whose UPN attribute matches UPN. Searches for users whose SAM account name matches SAMName. You can use wildcards. Searches for all users that have been inactive (stale) for the specified number of weeks. Searches for all users who have not changed their passwords for the specified number of days.
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1. How will you configure the ISA Server computers at all locations
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The following questions will help you determine when a problem occurred and estab lish a timeline of activities that might relate to the problem.
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1. Log on to Windows XP. 2. On the Start menu, choose E-Mail. If Outlook 2003 is not configured as your default e-mail software, on the Start menu, point to All Programs and then to Microsoft Office, and select Microsoft Office Outlook 2003. 3. On the Tools menu, choose Options. 4. In the Options dialog box, on the Other tab, click AutoArchive. 5. In the AutoArchive dialog box, select the Run AutoArchive Every check box.
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Suggested Practices
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Yes. The accounts listed are those that have logged on and gained access to drive C.
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Figure 8-10
The input language that is configured for the computer tells Windows how to react when a user types text using the keyboard. A user might want you to add a language if he works in or travels between two or more countries that use different languages and he needs to work in those languages or perform calculations with the currencies in those countries. With multiple languages configured, the user can toggle between them as needed. In addition, users might want to change language settings even if they do not travel because they do work with an international group or conduct business with other countries. To add (or remove) an input language, use these steps: 1. Click Start menu, and then click Control Panel. 2. In the Control Panel window, click Date, Time, Language, And Regional Options; and then click Regional And Language Options. 3. In the Regional And Language Options dialog box, on the Languages tab, click Details. 4. In the Text Services And Input Languages dialog box, click Add to add a language. 5. In the Add Input Language dialog box, click the language you want to add. To choose a specific keyboard layout, select the Keyboard Layout/IME check box and choose the appropriate layout. (To add a keyboard layout or input method editor [IME], you need to have installed it on your computer first.) Click OK. 6. In the Text Services And Input Languages dialog box, select which language should be the default language from the Default Input Language drop-down list and click OK.
Table 4-2
myAlg.IV = passwordKey.GetBytes(myAlg.BlockSize/8);
4. 5.
Suggested Practices
Exchange Server 2007 has built-in anti-spam functionality. Anti-spam functionality is enabled by default on edge transport servers and must be manually enabled. Attachment filtering, a functionality available only on edge transport servers, can be used to block attachments on the basis of file name, extension, or MIME type. Forefront Security for Exchange Server is an add-on solution from Microsoft that can be used to protect the Exchange infrastructure from viruses. Forefront includes commercial antivirus engines from several vendors. Forefront can be configured to scan messages once, marking them as scanned as they transit the Exchange infrastructure, or they can be configured to rescan stored messages each time new antivirus definitions become available. Managed folders are folders that have policies applied to them pertaining to retention of data. It is possible to configure policies for the default Outlook folders as well as to create new folders to which you apply policies. Windows Rights Management Services can be used in conjunction with Exchange Server 2007 to limit the dissemination of information so that it is accessible only to authorized users. Message classifications can be assigned by Outlook 2007 and Outlook Web Access users. Message classifications can be used to restrict access, to provide confidentiality warnings, and as the basis for transport rules.
C. Incorrect: You can install Network Monitor tools on any server running
In this practice, you will experience SYSVOL replication and migrate the replication mechanism from FRS to DFS-R. You will then verify that SYSVOL is being replicated by DFS-R. Other practices in the training kit have required Windows Server 2008 forest functional level. To perform the exercises in this practice, you will need a domain running at Windows Server 2003 domain functional level, so you must create a new forest running at Windows Server 2003 forest functional level consisting of one domain at Windows Server 2003 domain functional level and two domain controllers. To prepare for this practice, perform the following tasks:
FOR XML PATH mode is the best choice of the different FOR XML modes for most solutions. PATH mode allows for the easy creation of different XML structures by simply interpreting column names specified using an XPath-like expression when generating the XML result. Consider the following query:
Internet and Networking Requirements for 64-Bit SQL Server 2005
Figure 6-9
A is correct. To block access to Web sites based on the URL typed by the user, configure the HTTP policy to block access based on the signatures that you want to block.
Lesson 2: Creating and Configuring Menus
Hardware Requirements
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