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In this exercise, you compile and test the permissions of a sample assembly in a restricted My_Computer zone. 1. Log on to your computer as an Administrator.
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Implementing RAID
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Value-setting controls allow the user to set values or pick options from a preset list in the user interface. The CheckBox control allows a user to select or deselect particular options in a non-exclusive manner, while the RadioButton allows you to present a range of options to the user, only one of which can be selected. The TrackBar control allows the user to rapidly set a value in a graphical interface.
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Services namespace allows you to set a default application name at assembly level:
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Do you know what these key terms mean You can check your answers by looking up the terms in the glossary at the end of the book.
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CodeAccessPermission.Assert is nothing like the assert function in C or C++.
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Msisaund.ini Parameters
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Create a Shared Schedule
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3. Northwind Traders wants to open a satellite office in Burlington, but it does not want this new office to host any zones. The satellite office users are expected to use the Internet heavily for marketing and research. What can you do to improve DNS name resolution for users in this satellite office
Replication A global group is defined in the domain naming context. The group object, including the member attribute, is replicated to all domain controllers in the domain. Membership A global group can include as members users, computers, and other global groups in the same domain only. Availability A global group is available for use by all domain members as well as by all other domains in the forest and all trusting external domains. A global group can be a member of any domain local or universal group in the domain or in the forest. It can also be a member of any domain local group in a trusting domain. Finally, a global group can be added to ACLs in the domain, in the forest, or in trusting domains.
Table 2-5
When Windows Vista runs normally, it displays either 16-bit or 32-bit color. Sixteen-bit color means that the monitor displays 65,536 colors, and 32-bit color means that the monitor displays 16,777,216 colors. Almost all modern monitors display 32-bit color, and generally speaking it is better to have your monitor configured to display as many colors as possible. There are some situations in which you might have to switch from 32-bit color to 16-bit color. For example, your monitor might fail, and you cannot afford a new one for a couple of weeks. As an alternative, you have a 10-year-old monitor in the garage that you hook up to your Windows Vista computer. The monitor cannot display very high resolutions and can display only a diminished number of colors, but this will be an acceptable solution until you can acquire a replacement monitor.
To create a component like the one described, you would start by creating a new form that contains a PrintPreviewControl that would be used to display the document. By adding a Timer component, you can change the PrintPreviewControl.StartPage prop erty at regular intervals to cycle through the pages. One way of implementing page skipping would be to subclass the PrintPreviewControl and add a property that indi cated the step to take when skipping pages.
Design a strategy for Group Policy implementation.
The SQL Server Agent
-memberof GroupDN;...
How would you work within BIDS to create SSIS project structures, packages, project data sources, and package connections What transformations would you use, and how would you implement the data flow that loads dimension tables What transformations would you use, and how would you implement the data flow that loads fact tables
This section begins by stating a problem and then shows you how to troubleshoot it using one or more of the tools.
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