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Figure 4-2
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Handling Exceptions
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SQL Server 2005 Architecture and Internals
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The row_filter_option can have either of the following settings:
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Description Requires a unique name for the local group. This is the only required entry. Use any character except for the backslash (\). The name can contain up to 256 characters, but very long names might not display in some windows. Describes the group.
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Jessica calls the technical support line to report that she can no longer locate her messaging program. When you ask her to explain the problem in more detail, you discover that she believed the icon was taking up too much space in the area of the taskbar where the clock is, so she removed it by right-clicking and choosing Exit. Now she cannot find it and is afraid she has deleted it from her system. What is the problem, and how can it be resolved A. Jessica completely removed the program from her system when she removed it from the notification area. Reinstall the component from the operating system s CD-ROM. B. Jessica has exited the program but not uninstalled it. Because it is an application configured to start when Windows boots, you inform her that the only way to start the program again is to reboot the computer. C. Jessica must log on to the network domain so that the missing program files can be downloaded. D. Jessica removed the program icon and closed the program only temporarily. The icon can be added back to the notification area by rebooting the computer or by starting the program from the All Programs menu.
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Estimated lesson time: 45 minutes
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icies, select User Rights Assignment, and double-click the policy to change or set. Some
10. Choose the performance counters you want to log, specify the interval at which log samples should be taken, and then click Next. 11. Select the Open Properties For This Data Collector check box and then click Finish. In the Properties dialog box, you can customize the performance counters and sample intervals and log files for the selected data collector set.
For more information about using SSL certificates, see Lesson 3 in this chapter.
Create and Manage User Accounts
Estimated lesson time: 30 minutes
NAT Overview
Exam Objectives in this :
main() return address 0x0066ACB1
Lesson 1: Overview of Replication
The steps in the authentication process are as follows: 1. The user logs on by providing logon credentials typically user name and password and Windows XP Professional forwards this information to the security subsystem of that local computer. 2. Windows XP Professional compares the logon credentials with the user information in the local security database, which resides in the security subsystem of the local computer. 3. If the credentials are valid, Windows XP Professional creates an access token for the user, which is the user s identification for that local computer. The access token contains the user s security settings, which allow the user to gain access to the appropriate resources on that computer and to perform specific system tasks.
Lesson 2: Managing XML with the XML Document Object Model
Enable disk quota management before you assign specific quotas to user
Because the maximum number of partitions for an object is 1,000, you can specify a maximum of 999 boundary points.
Dim message As Message = CreateMessage()
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