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Generation QR Code in .NET Configuring Connections and Connecting to Data

IPSec Main Mode Statistics
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Lesson 1: Assessing Database Availability Requirements
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Figure 2-29
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Figure 13-28
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3. Click the New Contact Group button. Name the new contact group Beta_Team. 4. Click Add To Contact Group, and add the three contacts that you created in step 2. 5. In the Contact Name box, type, and then click Create For Group Only. Practice 2: Export Contacts as vCards In this practice, you will export contacts as vCards. It is not possible to export individual contacts, but if you want to share some, but not all, of your contacts with another person, using the vCard export format allows you to be selective. 1. Open Windows Contacts. 2. Click Export. 3. Click vCards, and then click Export. 4. Click Desktop, and then click Make New Folder. Name the folder vCard_Export. Press Enter, and then click OK. 5. Click OK to close the message box stating that the export succeeded. Click Close to close the Export Windows Contacts dialog box. 6. Open the vCard_Export folder on the desktop to verify that the contacts that you created in Practice 1 have been exported. Practice 3: Create and Publish a Calendar In this practice, you will create a new calendar, add some appointments, create a shared folder, and publish the calendar to the shared folder. To complete this practice, you need access to credentials that allow elevated privileges. 1. Click Start, click Computer, and then double-click the volume that Windows Vista is installed on.
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Exam Tip
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In this lab, you will perform two common activities for DSTs who are troubleshooting issues with hard drives. The issues range from intermittent application errors to slow performance. You will first run Check Disk on your hard drive to verify the integrity of the disks and then run Disk Defragmenter.
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To further practice and reinforce the skills you learned in this chapter, you can perform the following tasks:
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Lesson 4: Configuring Monitoring
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// Add the new points to the Stroke we're working with. function inkMouseMove(sender,args) { if (newStroke != null) { newStroke.StylusPoints.AddStylusPoints(args.GetStylusPoints(theInk)); } }
</webServices> </system.web> <microsoft.web.services3> <messaging> <mtom serverMode="optional" /> </messaging> </microsoft.web.services3> </configuration> //C# < xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <configuration> <configSections> <section name="microsoft.web.services3"
Enabling logging in a package involves the following three steps:
so no new permissions for the groups are needed based on the group taking on a new member. The user s token will add the list of all groups of which the user is a member to its list of SIDs when the user logs on.
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