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managed code implementations is that the managed code implementation, in addition to receiving an event when a new sensor device is connected to the PC, also generates an event when a sensor gets disconnected. Therefore, SensorsChangedEventArgs, the arguments passed to the SensorManager.SensorChanged event handler, includes a SensorAvailabilityChange member that defines the type of change for each sensor, which can be Addition for new sensor devices and Removal when sensors are disconnected from the PC. In this simple application, the best place to register for this event is in the main form s constructor, as shown in the following code snippet:
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Before taking the exam, review the key topics and terms presented in this chapter. You need to know this information.
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You can configure Database Mirroring for three different operating modes: High Avail ability, High Performance, and High Protection. The operating mode governs the way SQL Server transfers transactions between the principal and the mirror databases as well as the failover processes that are available in the Database Mirroring session. In this lesson, you learn about each operating mode, the benefits of each mode, and how caching and transparent client redirect capabilities give Database Mirroring advan tages over other availability technologies.
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Troubleshoot access to shared files and folders.
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How to View a List of Shared Folders in Computer Management
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Key Terms. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13-16
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In Lesson 2, you learned how to configure a remote object programmatically in your hosting application. In this lesson, you learn how to alternatively use a configuration file to configure your remote object. The configuration file is an XML-based file that allows you to set configuration options without the need for a code recompile. Your hosting application can use multiple configuration files, and because they can be changed on the fly they are usually the preferred method for remote configuration.
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If you make a filegroup containing bulk-logged changes read-only before performing a log backup, all subsequent log backups of that filegroup will contain the extents changed by the bulk operation as long as the filegroup remains readonly. A way of avoiding this limitation is to implement the full recovery model prior to making the filegroup read-only and backing up the log. After the backup is finished, you should then make the filegroup read-only.
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Software Update Services, running on an Internet Information Services (IIS) server The server-side component is responsible for synchronizing infor mation about available updates and, typically, downloading updates from the Microsoft Internet-based Windows Update servers or from other intranet servers running SUS. The SUS administration Web site All SUS administration is Web-based. After installing and configuring SUS, administration typically consists of ensuring that the SUS server is synchronizing successfully, and approving updates for distribu tion to network clients. Automatic Updates The Automatic Updates client is responsible for download ing updates from either Windows Update or an SUS server, and installing those updates based on a schedule or an administrator s initiation. Group Policy settings Automatic Updates clients can be configured to synchro nize from an SUS server rather than the Windows Update servers by modifying the clients registries or, more efficiently, by configuring Windows Update policies in a Group Policy Object (GPO).
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After you have installed a package on a target server, you likely must schedule it to execute on a regular basis. You schedule the execution of SSIS packages using SQL Server Agent in SSMS. The execution of SSIS packages is one of many tasks that you can use SQL Server Agent to perform. The practice at the end of this lesson covers in more detail the process of scheduling package execution using SQL Server Agent. You can also schedule package execution by writing a batch file that calls a package using the dtexec utility. After you ve created the batch file, use the Scheduled Tasks utility in Control Panel to configure Windows to execute the batch file on a periodic basis. An advantage of this method is that you can allow Windows administrators who don t have administrative privileges within SQL Server 2005 to configure SSIS package execution schedules.
The following questions are intended to reinforce key information presented in this lesson. If you are unable to answer a question, review the lesson materials and try the question again. You can find answers to the questions in the Questions and Answers section at the end of this chapter. 1. You are configuring a WSUS infrastructure. One server is synchronizing metadata and content from Microsoft Update. Other servers (one in each site) are synchronizing content from the upstream WSUS server. Which of the following steps is required to complete the WSUS infrastructure a. Configure Automatic Updates clients using Control Panel on each system. b. Configure GPOs to direct clients to the WSUS server in their sites. c. Configure a manual content distribution point. d. Approve updates using the WSUS administration page.
Lesson 2: Creating and Configuring Command and Text Display Controls
Basic storage is the default in Windows Server 2003, so all new disks are basic disks until you convert them to dynamic a simple process you will learn in Lesson 2. Dynamic disks do not offer advantages over basic disks in a computer that will have only one disk drive. The behavior of the LDM database also makes it difficult to transfer a dynamic disk used for starting the operating system to another computer when the original com puter fails. Dynamic disks are not supported for removable media, and are not supported on laptops. Basic storage is the industry standard, so basic drives are accessible from many operating systems, including MS-DOS, all versions of Microsoft Windows, and most non-Microsoft operating systems (there are a few). Therefore, dynamic disks
geography data type A data type used to store ellipsoidal data, such as latitude and longitude coordinates. Virtual Earth, many mapping products, and census results typically feature ellipsoidal measurements. geometry data type A data type used to store two and three dimensional data coordinates. For example, you can use the geometry data type to track locations where different products are stored within a warehouse.
The only requirement for implementing a custom evidence class is that the class must be serializable. As long as you meet that single requirement, you can present any managed class as evidence. The evidence classes built into the .NET Framework provide the best examples of how to implement your own evidence. The System.Security.Policy.Site evidence class provides the Web site from which an assembly originates as evidence for policy evaluation. The related System.Security.Policy.SiteMembershipCondition class is used to determine, based on the site evidence, whether an assembly belongs to a code group by comparing a System.Security.Policy.Site evidence object to a specified condition. Most of the built-in evidence classes also include a related identity permission class. For example, the Site.CreateIdentityPermission method creates a new permission that developers can use to restrict access to a specific site. Similarly, the Publisher.CreateIdentityPermission method can be used to restrict access to assemblies that provide evidence of being created by a specific publisher. Only the application directory and hash evidence types do not provide a CreateIdentityPermission method. If you create a custom evidence class that provides the CreateIdentityPermission method, inherit from the System.Security.Policy.IIdentityPermissionFactory interface. Otherwise, just use System.Runtime.Serialization.ISerializable.
[Version] Signature=$CHICAGO$ [DefaultInstall] DelReg=Reg.Settings [Reg.Settings] ; Removes the key HKCU\Software\Sample HKCU,Software\Sample ; Removes the value Hello from HKCU\Software\Sample HKCU,Software\Sample,Hello ; Removes the string "World" from the REG_MULTI_SZ value Hello HKCU,Software\Sample,Hello,0x00018002,"World"
You can easily share folders by using Computer Management. To share a folder, complete the following steps: 1. In Computer Management, right-click the Shares folder (in the Shared Folders node) and select New File Share. The Create A Shared Folder Wizard appears. 2. Click Next. 3. On the Set Up A Shared Folder page, type the path to be shared, the share name, and the share description. Click Next to continue. 4. If the folder to be shared does not exist, Windows opens a dialog box asking whether or not you want to create the folder. Click Yes to create the folder and continue. 5. On the Shared Folder Permissions page, select the appropriate permissions option and click Next. 6. Finally, click Finish to create the shared folder.
Troubleshoot computer accounts.
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