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ExecuteSprocCommand.Connection = NorthwindConnection
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Export specific parameters
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In Solution Explorer, right-click the Data Source Views folder, and then select New Data Source View. In the Data Source View Wizard, on the Select A Data Source page, select the data source you just created. On the Select Tables And View page, select only the vTargetMail view. Use the default name (Adventure Works DW2008) for the DSV. Now you need to add to the DSV other views that you will need for creating mining models. The DSV Designer should be open at this stage; if it is not, in Solution Explorer, double-click the Adventure Works DW2008 DSV to open it in the DSV Designer. Rightclick in the pane containing the graphical representation of the DSV, and then select Add/Remove Tables. Add the vTimeSeries, vAssocSeqOrders, and vAssocSeqLineItems views. Notice that the vTimeSeries view does not have a primary key defined yet. You have to set up a logical primary key. Notice also that there is no relationship between vAssocSeqOrders and vAssocSeqLineItems views. You have to set up a logical Foreign Key to associate them. Hold down the Ctrl key and select the ModelRegion and TimeIndex columns of the vTimeSeries view in the DSV to select both columns, and then right-click the columns and select Set Logical Primary Key. Set the logical foreign key between the vAssocSeqOrders and vAssocSeqLineItems views. Drag the OrderNumber column from the vAssocSeqLineItems to the vAssocSeqOrders view. When you have finished, your Data Mining diagram should look like the one shown in Figure 9-6. Explore the data of the vTargetMail view. Right-click the view in the DSV, and then select Explore Data. Initially, you get the first 5,000 rows of the view, shown in table format. But you can also examine the data by using a PivotTable, a chart, or a PivotChart view. Click the Chart tab. In the drop-down list above the distribution graphs, select the following columns: BikeBuyer, CommuteDistance, EnglishEducation, MaritalStatus, and NumberCarsOwned. After you check the distribution of the attributes, close the Explore vTargetMail Table window in BIDS, and then save the project. Do not close BIDS.
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Lesson 3: The Asynchronous Programming Model
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a. Windows 7 B. Windows XP Professional c. Windows Vista D. Windows 2000 Professional
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To create a new permission set, launch the .NET Framework Configuration tool and perform the following steps: 1. Expand Runtime Security Policy. 2. Expand Enterprise, Machine, or User, depending on the policy level in which you want to define the permission set. 3. Click Permission Sets. In the right pane, click Create New Permission Set. 4. On the Identify The New Permission Set page, specify a name and description. Click Next. 5. On the Assign Individual Permissions To Permission Set page, perform the following steps: A. Click the permission you want to add to the permission set, and click Add. B. For each permission, specify the permission settings that are unique to that permission and click OK. C. Repeat this process for each individual permission required by your permission set. 6. Click Finish.
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figure 1-22 This simple data flow shows data being extracted from a source and inserted into a
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Define an Application Container
For this task, you should complete all three practices to gain experience using XML serialization with real-world classes and schema.
Enabling Secure Internet Access with ISA Server 2004
Open a new query window. In the new query window, type and execute the following command to send a mail message to your e-mail account with the results of a query included as an attachment. Remember to replace the @recipients option with your e-mail address.
1. In the My Documents Properties dialog box, click Advanced. 2. In the Advanced Security Settings For My Documents dialog box, on the Effective Permissions tab, click Select. 3. In the Select User Or Group dialog box, in the Enter The Object Name To Select window, type Guest and click OK. 4. In the Advanced Security Settings For My Documents dialog box, in the Effective Permissions window, note the effective permissions for the Guest account. Click OK. 5. In the My Documents Properties dialog box, in the Group Or User Names win dow, select the Guest account and click Remove. Click OK.
It is important to provide feedback to the user in a manner that is not obtrusive (that is, not a message box). The feedback should let users discover the problems with the input when they want to, not when the application wants to. The basic help functionality (tool tips and help messages) are easy to implement and should be a part of any Windows-based application. A lot of accessibility features are included with Windows and Visual Studio 2005. They are easy to implement, but it s important to test the results.
Estimated lesson time: 30 minutes
1. You have deployed three different ISA Server computers and configured them to accept VPN connections. You want to log information about all connection attempts in a single log file. What is the best way to accomplish this
A. Correct: This is the way to ensure that the backup has correctly stored the
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