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< xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <Application xmlns='http://schemas.microsoft.com/windows/2009/Ribbon'>
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DataView objects can navigate relationships and can retrieve related records. DataView objects raise a ListChanged event when modifications are made to the data in a DataTable.
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(CompleteFilePath.LastIndexOf("\\")+ 1); // Set the DocumentFile parameteter to the BLOB Value.
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Figure 15-23 The ICS host has a shared Internet connection and acts as a DHCP server for network clients that obtain their IP addresses automatically.
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Extracting the volume of information from the system that is required to create either an .nfo or .txt file in System Information takes several minutes and may consume a noticeable amount of system resources during the export process.
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3. In a domain running in Windows Server 2003 domain functional level, what security principals can be a member of a global group
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-- Connection 2 /* Leave the above line to easily see that this query window belongs to Connection 2. */ USE TestDB;
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Description Allows a user to shut down the local computer. By default, members of the Administrators, Backup Operators, Power Users, and Users groups have this privilege on workstations.
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User-defined types are also called structures or simply structs, after the language keyword used to create them. As with other value types, instances of user-defined types are stored on the stack and they contain their data directly. In most other ways, structures behave nearly identical to classes. Structures are a composite of other types that make it easier to work with related data. The simplest example of this is System.Drawing.Point, which contains X and Y integer properties that define the horizontal and vertical coordinates of a point. The Point structure simplifies working with coordinates by providing the constructor and members demonstrated here:
Figure 4-9
Real World
Lesson 2
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